Wind (e) s of freshness in the art market: the young merchants expose at Tajan

A new meeting will be held in the preamble of the edition of the Biennale of 2017: “young merchants at Tajan. Organized by Axelle of Carville and Elodie Giancristoforo, event invites dealers to the younger generation, whether antiquarians or specialized in contemporary art, to participate in this gathering from 7 to 10 September 2017.

Break the codes of the traditional art fairs

The event aims to promote the ancient, modern and contemporary art on 50 booths of french, who came from Paris, but also in province art dealers. The thus collected pieces will be shuffled to create an eclectic spirit and abolish the traditional landscapes siloed art fairs. All of the objects, furniture and tables presented by this younger generation will be assembled and staged by two very young graduates of the National School of Decorative Arts: Anne-Victoire Soury and Marion Dossikian.  This ephemeral world custom that they will create specifically, they will integrate wallpapers of Pierre Frey official partner of the event, in order to sublimate and rhythm space Tajan, a place in the Art Deco architecture where former banks. It is spontaneously that the Tajan auction house proposed investment of its exhibition space “to welcome these young merchants’ confides Axelle de Carville, co-responsible for the organization.

Fountain on the sidelines of the biennial of

Located in the heart of the golden triangle, Tajan is also an asset to visitors eager to participate in other events Paris contiguous. In order to register this first edition in the cultural sphere a cycle of conferences will be held the weekend of September 9 and 10.