The tour of the auction: sale of souvenirs of the stars of the song

For the fifth edition, the knife-Begarie auction house organizes thematic sale March 25 at the Drouot Hotel: songs French and international.

Gathering personal effects of stars such as Claude François, Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Hallyday, and Michael Jackson, sale will feature photographs and manuscript bidders, outfits of scenes, Gold records, clothing…

The top lot of the sale: a mythical stage of Claude François outfit

Described as a museum piece, the stage costume in silver lame with applications of red and silver pads on the other side from 1974-1976 of Claude François is the top lot of the sale. This mythical stage outfit was worn by the singer for a few interpretations television but especially for a large number of concerts given by the artist between August 1974 and spring 1975 (of St. Maurice de Beynost in Ain in Saint Nazaire).

Made in the workshops of Camps de Luca in Paris, with the claw of the designer inside of the jacket. You could also see Claude François happen many times on stage with this costume for throughout the summer and fall of 1974 Tour and more occasionally for a few dates in the spring of 1975.

Claude François was particularly fond of this first fetish costume, photo sessions with are also very important and there are countless magazine covers and pictures of scenes, the showing off in this outfit. It took the jacket starts to give some signs of fatigue for the singer resigned to him offer a reader a contest stage in 1976.

Overall, jacket and trousers, remained in good condition, despite traces of friction at the level of the blade (arm and back of jacket). A certificate of authenticity will be provided to the purchaser. (lot 259: 7000 / €9000)

Other parts of the wardrobe of the singer will be submitted to the fire of the auction in this vacation: tuxedos, boots, shirts, robe,… But also a few personal handwritten items including a lot of 3 handwritten words written from the hand of the singer Claude François on two small pink sheets and a small green leaf of an office block, in the month of April 1962. A declaration of love, hope to see back the one he loves. Very moving texts written during his separation with Janet Woolacoot, the only woman whom he married in November 1960 (lot 236, estimate: 800 / 1000).

A handwritten note of Gainsbourg makes us enter the intimacy of the artist

In March 1988, Gainsbourg is in representation at the Zenith in Paris for a series of 12 performances. On a note handwritten the singer presented in this vacation, he orders to Fulbert ‘daily’ in order to read the comments and criticisms on its last tour.

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The Raphael hotel is an emblematic place in the universe of Serge Gainsbourg. From 1986, the artist begins to get used to stay in this luxury hotel located in the heart of Paris, near the place de l’Etoile. During the filming of “Charlotte for ever”, he reserves a room with Charlotte, his daughter.

Testimony also to the nature of his notes to Fulbert, his Butler. This letter illustrates the special attention the artist gave his image, to the criticism of the press, particularly during his tour of 1988. During his long stay at the Raphael Hotel, he has written “Stan the Flasher” and “You’re Under Arrest.” He also stayed after his surgery at the end of the 1980s. Serge Gainsbourg was particularly fond of the paper at the top of this mythical palace. (lot 107: 6000 / 7000)

Johnny Hallyday jacket presented in an exhibition of prestige for sale

Jacket jeans Levi’s 507 (Big E), one of the three models purchased in 1964 by Johnny Hallyday for the 1964 tour, is presented for auction by knife-Begarie study.

This type of jacket that was particularly fond of the singer was the same one that Elvis Presley wore in 1957 in the film “Loving You”. It is with this same jacket that Johnny has done a few gigs between March 20 and may 1 1964 and likely the last evening of the Olympia on March 15, 1964. A first in France, where jean’s is not even conceivable as stage outfit.

This jacket has then been kept by the artist until 1992, year where he entrusted this outfit to the manufacturer Levi’s for an exhibition of prestige of three weeks on the theme of ‘Levi’s Vintage’, the best jeans in the Levi’s history (August-September 1992). A sale at auction at Drouot, on 7 September 1992, closed the event. Big fan of this brand, Johnny Hallyday more than once said “my tailor is Levi’s.”  (lot 122, estimate: 2000 / 2500)

Michael Jackson Hat auction

The mythical accessories of this sale, include the original provided by the star has a Michael Jackson fedora felt Hat fan in June 1988 backstage at the concert at the “Parc des Princes”. The hat is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the high fashion house Barthet the hat maker. (lot 183, estimate: 1500 / 2000)

Saturday 25 March at 2 pm

Room 14 – Drouot-Richelieu, 9, Drouot 75009 Paris Street

Song French & international

© illustrations knife Begarie