Timeless paintings: souvenir to remember yesterday, painting today

Remember yesterday…

A rusty metal box, just down from the attic. We discover, a little dusty, an old photograph in black and white. We recognize Granny and Grandad, a young girl sitting on his lap. It's grandmother. This almost forgotten time resurfaces. Out of the question to this photograph in the box, and the box in the attic. We could frame the photo and put it on the fireplace, but it is small and will not be in value. Hang it on the wall? same concern…   And why not make a painting? It is the spearhead of Timeless Paintings. This start'up offers to make a painting from a family photograph, allowing then to revive your memory and through history.

"One does not choose his family", but his picture though.

The full range of the history of art is offered to you with Timeless Paintings. Classic portraiture to contemporary art through symbolism, it's for you to decide the style that will reflect the most your family and its history. The different techniques that suggest the Timeless Paintings team sweep they also old and modern times. If you don't want an oil on canvas, you'll perhaps for a sanguine on paper or an acrylic paint. Even, why not, adopt the spray for urban art effect? By all those styles and techniques, Timeless Paintings revives your family photography, but gives also aims to perpetuate the kind of portrait.

"Timeless Paintings is a rigour in the selection of painters, in France and across Europe"

Lina Linkeviciute, at the origin of the project, surrounds himself with talented artists, who have a recognized artistic career. Don't worry about the outcome. As with any work of art, the artist is imbued with the subject, so that the soul of your family is reflected in the table. This is the first step of your order, it may take some time, but it will be quality. Like the second, which is the making of the work. If it takes a few months to see the table completed, your curiosity will be mitigated by the two images you will be shown during creation.

… Painting today

Finally, the entire family is charmed by the idea of doing a work by Timeless Paintings from found photography. The grandchildren choose an oil on canvas, this will go perfectly in their grandmother's country house. Seduced, they even provided to Timeless Paintings another recent photograph, this time, to make an aerosol paint. and TimelessPaintings