The Waltz of Camille Claudel, a sculpture that will make dance auction

It is by opening a closet and lifting a sheet that the auctioneer has discovered, last April, the hectic draped in which passionate dancers of the waltz are taken. This sculpture of Camille Claudel, unknown to leading experts, remained out of sight more than a century. Kept secret by a family of Oise, it was part of the collection of the building contractor Joseph Allioli, who worked with Rodin. Dating back to 1900, this work influenced both by the art of Auguste Rodin, the lover of the artist, and by Art-Nouveau, which develops in this period, has no equivalent in the Museum in Nogent-sur-Seine, dedicated to Camille Claudel.

Camille Claudel, the waltz, bronze unique around 1900, for sale by Me Rouillac in the chateau D'artigny June 11, 2017. Credit: Nicolas Roger for Me Rouillac.

Exposure of pre-sales in which appear the waltz, will take place the weekend of Ascension to the castle of the L'islette. A place that gives even more meaning to this sculpture. It's there that was Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel, iconic couple in the history of sculpture. It is also the L'islette, that the sculpture was made, just like the small chatelaine, belonging to the permanent collection of the Castle, next to which the waltz will be presented. The film Rodin, presented now at the Cannes Film Festival, which traces the history of its lovers and artists, to also was shot at the castle of the L'islette in Touraine. Waltz, sold by Philip and Aymeric Rouillac, will be on display during the weekend of the Ascension, to the castle of the L'islette, before its auction on June 11, at Château D'artigny. – tel. – tel.

The L'islette – 9 road Langeais – 37190 Azay Chateau

Exhibition from Thursday 25 to Sunday, may 28, 2017, from 10: 00 to 19: 00.