Exhibitions not to be missed this summer in Paris

Les expositions à voir cet été àpar


Summer 2019: the must-see exhibitions in Paris

After a few sunbathing and a good lunch on the terrace, summer in Paris is the perfect time to head to the cultural places of the capital. Auctionlab guides you to see the exhibitions not to be missed during the summer.

The 2019 exhibitions in Paris allow you to admire works of art in a classical or more original way thanks to visual and sound creations. Some will impress with Picasso’s works in dialogue with those of other artists or under a specific theme.


The movement of the masses of the Calder-Picasso exhibition

Until August 15, the Calder-Picasso exhibition at the Picasso Museum brings together the works of the American sculptor and painter with those of the Cubist painter. The collections dealing with the vacuum space are in the spotlight here. These two artists filled the empty spaces with Calder’s mobiles, wire sculptures or Picasso’s Little Girl jumping on Picasso’s rope. About 150 paintings and sculptures combine in a space borrowed from poetry. But the interest of this exhibition lies in the panels concerning their respective history as their participation in the exhibition

Fellini’s admiration for the painter highlighted in his works

The various links between Picasso’s works and those of another artist are also highlighted at the French Cinematheque in Bercy until 29 July. The exhibition is called When Fellini dreamed of Picasso. Filmmaker Federico Fellini drew a lot of inspiration from the painter to describe women, sexuality, dance or bullfighting. Italian society from the 1950s to those of the 1980s is depicted using Picasso’s artistic codes. Filming photographs are accompanied by excerpts from films, canvases, posters, newspapers, costumes and Drawings by Fellini. Indeed, these drawings, gathered in the book of my dreams, are the result of a psychoanalyst experience aimed at transcribing the dreams of the filmmaker. Some of them represent Fellini’s imaginary encounters with the Cubist painter for whom he had great admiration.

Picasso and the War

Other works by Pablo Picasso can be admired through the Picasso and War exhibition at the Army Museum until July 28. Without having participated, the artist was very touched by the many conflicts of the twentieth century and his emotions are reflected in paintings as Guernica, which follow one another with documents of all media: photographs, newspaper articles or various objects.


Paintings or sculptures highlighted by other visual and sound works

Highlighting and soundtracking Van Gogh’s work

The Van Gogh exhibition, the starry night will be very appreciated and will be showcased until December 31st at the Atelier des Lumières. The works of this genius are enhanced by light games, more than a hundred laser projectors, fifty speakers for a soundtrack created among others by the composer Luca Longobardi. Thousands of paintings have been perfectly digitized and projected in extra-wide format and up to ten meters in height. We can then see every detail of these works representing his self-portraits, his room, Arles, the sea, the fields of wheat, sunflowers…

Sculptures and poetic texts at the Vuitton Foundation

Until the end of August, the Fondation Vuitton makes available to the public, the exhibition Gilbert and George: “there were two young men“. It is a thirteen-corpus presentation of a charcoal and paper sculpture from 1971. In addition, there are other works by Gilbert and George. The sculptures combine with handwritten texts with poetic scope.

Other exhibitions of pictorial works not to be missed

“The Party of Painting” and the Open Space #5de the Vuitton Foundation

This exhibition faces for the foundation, at The Collection of the Foundation, the party of painting. Twenty-three artists from all over the world are brought together through their works from the 1960s to the present day. The space is structured by themes such as abstract, space or color in order to understand the evolution of painting. Until September 2, the Vuitton Foundation hosts Lauren Haley’s Open Space #5, whose work combines architecture, painting and sculpture. He invented his productions by analyzing the social problems of the African-American population and in particular the southern districts of Los Angeles.

Exhibitions showcasing science and technology

The journey to the Moon, from dream to reality: works and objects

At the Grand Palais, you will have the joy of discovering until July 22, 200 works relating a coveted star in the exhibition The Moon, from real journey to imaginary journeys. From Ancient Greece to the conquest of space, artists from Rodin to Chagall, Man Ray and Miro have given their version of the Moon in the form of paintings, sculptures, works by designers, films, photographs… Also on display are the objects of the Apollo 11 mission.


A visual and sound exhibition on the history of electro music

Against a background of 11 mixes made by DJ Laurent Garnier, the exhibition Dream Electro, from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk, is installed at the Philharmonie de Paris until August 11. In a modern atmosphere of nightclubs, with industrial-style installations, fluorescent letters, we discover the history of electro music. This trend is thirty years old and is still evolving thanks to new technologies. Various historical objects allow us to understand this long journey from Jean-Michel Jarre and Pink Floyd to Daft Punk and from Berlin to Tunis via the major cities of the United States. Excerpts can be heard through terminals and headphones. Clips and even 3D videos designed by artists mark the exhibition.


The land and marine animals of the Palace of Discovery and the Museum of Natural History

At the Palace of Discovery, the exhibition Illusions, which will be visible until 25 August, reveals some of the secrets of magic. Alongside it and in a completely different register, the world’s most dangerous wildlife species are collected in the Poison exhibition until 11 August. It is organized around the theme of venom which causes so much suffering and sometimes even death for the prey of these animals. The Museum of Natural History is interested in the ocean, its rare species and the dangers that fauna and flora incur in the face of man and his exploitation of marine environments.


Ancient Egyptian history in the form of a treasure

The most anticipated of the 2019 exhibitions was that of Tutankhamun in La Villette. It is possible to enjoy its 150 pieces until September 15th. A third of them, from the tomb of this pharaoh, had not yet left their country of origin. Through an immersion video in the tomb and an audio reading of the Book of the Dead, we discover the story of this Egyptian king and that of archaeologist Howard Carter. On 2000 m2, one can have the chance to observe gold coins such as the bed, one of the guardians of the tomb, a pectoral of the bird Ba or sandals. Other wonders such as the earthenware hunting bow case or the ceremonial shield are worth the trip. The assemblage of these different objects makes it possible to understand the Egyptian funeral rites.

The Auctionlab team wishes you a great summer.