Auction, Christian Dior's lace


The Auction Eve study organizes a sale of fashion on January 20, with as beacon batch this high of Christian Dior Couture dress. Shape bustier, this exceptional piece is timeless lace from Calais.


At the beginning of the 20th century, handmade lace fades away to make room for mechanical lace Leavers perfectly imitating the work at hand. It is also the period of the rise of Haute Couture, and prestigious designers no longer hesitate to use this lace to adorn their creations. Cocktail dresses, evening, wedding, Caudry and Calais Leavers lace is exception more in the 50/60s. Found in this outfit of Christian Dior, but also in the creations and accessories of other designers of this mid century: Chanel, Balenciaga, Cardin, Lanvin, sandstone, Balmain, Rochas, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Nina Ricci…

"The dress belonged to a very loyal customer of Monsieur Dior" says Sylvie Daniel, an expert mode for this sale. Indeed, Mrs. Daniel followed the dispersion of this fashionista wardrobe and was able to address the loyalty of the client at Dior purchases.


"For me it is a priceless piece" explains the expert. The dress, dating from the spring-summer 1953 collection today is in a perfect state of conservation. It should be noted the very important work of embroidery enhanced beads on this piece of Haute Couture. Apart from a few missing beads, it has been worn only few times by its owner and maintained with great care.

We can distinguish three periods in the style of Christian Dior. This strapless gown, presented at auction, is located in the second period. This second creative cycle runs from 1950 to 1953. It is characterized by less voluptuous curves, where the waist and hips are less marked, such is the case of this strapless dress.




VINTAGE fashion and accessories to the study on January 20 in room 2 at Drouot Auction Eve