Street Art: from the street to the auction

October 1st opened in Paris the Museum of urban Art. This Act strengthens the legitimacy of Street Art in his quest for respectability, now far from discipline which was controversial in its infancy.

The Museum is at 96 boulevard Bessières in the 17th district, more known under the name of “School 42”, where the establishment of computer studies founded by Xavier Niel is installed. Other graffiti and street designs are now permanently in this space titled ‘Art 42’. The opportunity for us to follow the path of Street Art, from the street to the auction.

What is Street Art?

Let’s define this movement, translated sometimes under its French-language expression of “Urban Art”. It is now considered a full-fledged art movement. Contemporary, it brings together several forms of art made in the street or in public places. Street Art called upon various techniques like graffiti, stencils, stickers, video projection, pasting, display or facilities.

A turn taken by the auction houses: Street Art became a full-fledged Department in some studies

The famous Parisian auction houses like Tajan, Aguttes or Cornette de Saint Cyr have an entire department devoted to Street art. Further evidence of the progression of this art in his quest for respectability. Like other specialties which have proven themselves in the auction, Street Art also has its own online sales. Artprecium, at public auction company approved, moderated by a team of auctioneers, organizes twice a year of sales on line 100% dedicated to urban Art.

When selling on February 14 at Artcurial, these are even 10 in Street Art world records being made. Speedy Graphito sprayed his own, with “Captain Spray” 2010, awarded to €37 700.







‘Captain Spray’, Speedy Graphito, 2010 – Copyright Artcurial

The auction house Leclere, from 2008, powered Street Art as a full-fledged art by integrating its sales. This mode of expression has become a specialty of the study. Adrien Lacroix, responsible Department, explains we hold two auctions per year, in addition to over-the-counter sales, exclusively dedicated to this medium. Street Art, in perpetual motion, allows it to integrate its sales of artists who, for some, go on public sale for the first time. Mr. Lacroix says that, during the sale of June 2016.

“I put on the cover of the catalog, not a top lot, but an artist I discovered”.

Estimated 4 000 / €6,000 and awarded €8 200 hammer, this composition of the German duo Taps & Moses was the first work of these artists presented at the auction.

So it was a very nice surprise, who confirmed our choice to highlight it in providing dedicated coverage of our June 11 sale catalogue. This is also the case for each catalog where we put on the cover art of a young artist, most of the time from the Post-Graffiti, which we want to discover the work to our collectors. »

Moses & Taps, “Untitled”, 2015
Aerosol on canvas
140 x 140 cm
Courtesy light house sales – Paris / Marseille

Performance and live graffiti: the new signage for the Organization of the sales of Street Art 

The dynamism of urban art and its contemporaneity allow the auctions held to be thought of as a real event. Indeed, performances, meetings with artists and signatures of books complete and often permeate the exhibition preceding the auction.

This summer, Street Art has also invaded Drouot for a few days. The Group of artists U.V. TPK achieved a performance live on a large tarp, painting a work in front of the Parisian auction house. On this occasion, Digard Auction study had organized a meeting of dedications of the urban artist C215. It took place at Drouot on 27 June in the morning, just before the sale. Based on his experience in contemporary art, master Marielle Digard created in 2012, within its structure, a Department entirely dedicated to urban contemporary art. Digard Auction today holds several records of sales on the works of Banksy and Shepard Fairey.

U.V. TPK: Live in front of the Hotel Drouot on June 27, 2016 – Copyright Digard Auction

Philipp Hugues BONAN (1968)

“The Atlas”

silver print signed lower right, lower left, titled 13 copies all formats combined.
Dim. : 49.5 x 47.5
cmEn sale October 24, 2016 study Pescheteau-Badin, estimate: 400 / €600

Copyright Bruno Simon

On October 24, Pescheteau-Badin study organize the sale of the collection of Phillipp Hugues Bonan. This artist, photographer and collector will greatly participate to give artistic resonance to urban Art. Indeed, specialized in photography, especially in the portraits of artists, he meets graffiti artists in the 2000s. The dynamism and novelty that bring these street artists range from immediately seduce him. It makes contact with the Atlas artist who has created a place where some forty artists of urban Art. Philipp Hugues Bonan began a series of portraits of these street artists. In his quest for valuation of Street Art, it brings together 44 artists to organize an exhibition in Brussels. It includes the biggest names in urban Art: the Atlas, Speedy Graphito, Ben, Jef Aérosol and avant-garde as are Jacques Villéglé and Jérôme Mesnager.

Street Art also circulates in classic sales 

Without spending thematic sales, other studies, such as the New York auction, include several works of urban art to their sales of Contemporary Art. The modern paintings together then mixed techniques of Street art. Mr. Guinot, responsible for sales, explains that, thanks to its wide range of financial, ranging from € 200 to € 20,000, sales of Street Art are addressed to a wide audience. Young buyers, aged 20 years, can acquire their first work. As for older collectors, their experience allows them to detect, through a knowledge of investment trends in the art market. The Versailles auction house has achieved a nice auction record in February, for a sculpture in resin and bomb Richard Orlinski aerosol and graffee by Onemizer “Tiger”, sold for € 28 750, fees included.

“Tiger” Onemizer and Richard Orlinski – Copyright Alexis Guinot.

Upcoming sales:

-Sunday, October 9, 2016 at 3 pm, “Street Art & Graffiti” at white-coats Auction:–graffiti—octobre-2016_13.php?sid=134

– Tuesday, October 11 at 2:30 PM at Ader: “Vinyl & MEMORABILIA” – Sunday, October 16, 2016 at Cannes auction, sale of modern and contemporary art:

– Monday 24 October at 2 PM. in the study Pescheteau-Badin : “Street Art – Contemporary Art. Philipp Hugues Bonan collection”

Wednesday, November 9: sale of urban Art at Tajan:

– 10-11 November: Bowie Collector at Sotheby’s London:

– Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 3 pm, sale of urban Art to study Leclere:

– Monday, December 12 at 8 p.m. at the Hotel in the Valley of Montmorency Auction House: ” sale street art & vintage furniture “:

Thursday, December 15 at 7:30 PM benefit Art Auction for Autism – Contemporary Art and urban Art at Artcurial: