Stone-Florian: the secrets of a young merchant

"Do you know how old I am? 25 years! »

After 30 minutes of discussion, no, it is difficult to imagine that the answer to this question by Florian Pierre Marchand, is 25 years. Let's continue our tour of the players in the art market with this auction addict, who attended the auction as a buyer. This art lover, bidder, connoisseur, dealer, antiquarian and Decorator has juvenile than her age. Bearing his name as a good omen, family merchant has always work in the art market, "my parents and my grandparents are antique dealers," says he. Nevertheless, Pierre Florian merchant was first tried to turn to another area, to "try something else" he explains, but is ultimately very quickly to this family passion.

The daily life of a hard-working and ambitious treasure hunter

Antiquing is part of his daily life. Assiduously attending the auction, Pierre-Florian does not hesitate to visit the hexagon to see some treasures. The opportunity to exercise this profession of pawnshop is everywhere, but also all the time. The question "what do you think of this?" referring to an object in one of his entourage, is more than recurrent. Estimates, home storage, participation in trade shows, so follow activities varied and exciting our merchant. Add that to that Pierre-Florian is developing more digital projects with an 'all new' instagram account says, it feeds with its lovely finds. The opening next to an online store, where you will find parts for sale (recoverable by appointment) as well as rental items for the movie sets or marriage proposal is also the order of the day.   Stone-Florian merchant also evokes his work as production designer. It offers indeed for interiors of the unique pieces, collected with care and taste, to create a decoration that is personalized for each of its clients.

Generalist doctor in flea market, specialty numismatie

"I'm a generalist. I can't be a specialist' he says when asked if he has a chosen field. His eye, forged in contact with objects unearthed in room sales and with his entourage allows him to propose estimates and identify quality parts when it is "addresses", whatever the period or style. Curious, the young merchant explains to learn every day, over his wanderings, and appreciate that. However, he admits to have a soft spot for the numismatie who teaches her many elements on the history of France, especially with the medals and decorations of war. The presence of some of these pieces of numismatie in a person can engage in conversation with the owner and can sometimes be the trigger of a sale.

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Addresses: much more than an exchange of goods

There is a pecuniary interest to these addresses, an apprenticeship, but Pierre-Florian also sees it as a real exchange. When he goes in addresses, contacted by people as part of a legacy, an estate or a storage room "we are not psychologists, but we enter the affect of people. "The situation is not always obvious to manage since the dealer actually enters the intimacy of people. "should I adapt to each situation, people are different," he says. In addition, it should keep some confidentiality, so out of respect for its customers because this business works by network. It is often through relationship Florian Pierre Marchand gets its addresses, people so in advance trust in him and his eye. The antiquary is delicately arriving people who contacted him: "I tell people my approach before opening every closet. 

"I delivered in addresses that the ordinary people cannot see that in books.

"I like all sell pans flea of Orleans at €1 as quality parts to the upper middle class people.

He says referring to the stand there every year at the fair of Chatou, where it always has nice things. Among his varied clients panel, Pierre-Florian evokes with us the memory of a special delivery. It's a service of Baccarat to deliver in a mansion of the 15th arrondissement in Paris, where he was received with a glass of champagne. "I delivered in addresses that the ordinary people cannot see that in books. But, he says, these wealthy clients do not make up its main clientele.

"I take the positive of my participation in the issuance auction Made In France"

  Her taste for the auction pushed him to participate recently with his girlfriend on the show "Bids Made In France", produced by Mediafisher. This brought new contacts, even weeks after the broadcast of the episodes on RMC. "I was trying to achieve a storage room in a Paris apartment as part of an estate. Some neighbors of the building me we recognized and subsequently contacted me to offer me new addresses. I'm positive of this participation in the show.