The ITEM OF THE WEEK: Turn ride!

 Plunge into the magic of the old rides at the sale of the Opal Coast auction study. Under the hammer of master Julien Debacker, 2 carved and polychrome wooden carousel horses, dating from the 19th century, will be presented at the auction on October 22 in 2 batches, estimated each 1 500 / €2,000.

The carousel animal is born with the first draft of carousel and experienced, with the development of it, almost a century of success. Marrying the tastes of its time, it adapts and changes constantly. It was horse, animal fields or the jungle to become Walt Disney character or star of series television. The showman bestiary fully belongs to the world of wonder. It is full of meanings and multiple symbols associated with each animal species.
2 carved and polychrome wooden carousel horses