On the stage of the auction: FauveParis organizes a sale 100% Daft Punk

"One more time, FauveParis highlights the audacity and excellence by dispersing gleefully this together dedicated to geniuses frenchies electro".  Lucie-Eleanor Riveron, Chairman of the auction house. Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 2 pm, FauveParis offers a retrospective sale tracing the history of the best-known french duo in the world: vinyl, tapes, CDs, figurines and other objects derived were tirelessly collected since 1993 by an inveterate collector. The 100 lots selected by FauveParis sweeping history of the group founded by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, since the origins with the band Darlin' and Soma, rolls or Crydamoure labels, until more recently with derivatives: is the version in 1000%, the highest and the most rare, valuable figurines produced by Medicom Toy Incorporated which will be for sale (estimate 6 000 / 8 000 euros the pair). This sale event is the first vacation in the world dedicated to the duo helmet, icon of the "French Touch". The lots offered cater to fans with estimates between €20 and €6,000: "everyone can have fun," says Alice Landry, responsible for the sale. and pay homage to the huge tubes of the albums Homework, Discovery, Daft Club, Human After All, Tron, Random Access Memories, Get Lucky, etc all of the lots will be unveiled may 2 on the site www.fauveparis.com Daft Punk & Medicom,

1,000% Daft Punk Be@rbrick,

2012, H. 70 cm

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Studio Like a Song