Sale of the collection Michèle Morgan: what admired "the most beautiful eyes of cinema."


Tu as de beaux yeux, tu sais.”

That’s the famous line that Jean Gabin addressing Michèle Morgan in the film “Le quai des brumes” of Marcel Carné.


After the sale Gérard Oury, the auction of the collection of his wife, Michèle Morgan

The Artcurial auction house offers to collectors to acquire works directly from the collection of the famous French actress Michèle Morgan. In 2009, the sales of the roundabout of the Champs Elysées Hotel had scattered successfully Gérard Oury, companion of the French actress and great filmmaker collection.


Talented actress and collector of taste

On 30 and 31 May, when sales of Art Impressionist and modern, a collection of paintings, drawings and watercolours by Raoul Dufy, Aristide Maillol or Marcel Gormaire from the collection of Michèle Morgan will be dispersed. 
Two still more personal works are part of the sale: a portrait of the actress by Moïse Kisling (estimate: 40 000 / €60,000) and a picture received by Michèle Morgan for his acting awards at the Cannes Film Festival in 1946: “L’église d’île de France” by Henri de Waroquier (estimate: 1000 / 1500)


Works signed by the actress auction

Then, on 20 June, at the Fashion Arts, Artcurial sale will feature works signed by the hand of Michèle Morgan. Painter, lesser-known talents were the subject of several exhibitions, organized by Marcelle Oury, the mother of his companion and friend intimate of Raoul Dufy.
It’s following the meeting with Moïse Kisling in 1940 that the actress is engaged in graphic arts. The works entitled “Composition” represent geometric patterns colored in gouache on paper and oil on canvas or Panel, estimated each for sale 500 / 1000.
These auctions are an opportunity to pay tribute to a great French actress, who died last December and greet his passion for painting.
Michèle Morgan Composition 1986 huile sur toileMICHÈLE MORGAN COMPOSITION gouache sur papier


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Auction Artcurial sale on 30 and 31 May “Art Impressionist and modern” auction Artcurial on June 20, “Fashion arts”

Image I : Moses Kisling Portrait of Michele Morgan, 1942, oil on canvas, provenance: estate Michèle Morgan, Paris, estimate: 44 000-66 000 $

Image 2 Michèle Morgan, Composition , gouache on paper, provenance: estate Michèle Morgan, Paris, estimate: 550-1 100$

Image 3 Michèle Morgan, Composition, 1986, oil on canvas, provenance: estate Michèle Morgan , Paris, estimate:  550-1 100$