Christie's: "year educated eye", the sale that makes eyes collectors

16, Christie's Paris home will offer for sale a collection Switzerland. The latter, which brings together parts of the eighteenth century to the twentieth century, offers us a journey in time and space, through "the eye warned" of the collector. Focus especially on the designer Armand Albert rake who was able to put his creativity at the service of Jeanne Lanvin.  

At Christie's, Art Deco has a scent of exoticism

The sale "year educated eye" brings together the greatest designers of the 20th century. Eugène Printz or Armand Albert rake actually are the headliners with their Art Deco works, which seem a bit exotic.

Beauty of Africa or row Art Deco?

Its silhouette is definitely European, but his black complexion evokes something more distant. Then, like jewelry, Golden keys come complete this elegant also. She's appealing, the row of Eugène Printz. His ebony from Gabon, a nuanced, inlaid black checkerboard, is punctuated by amounts. These are adorned with Golden geometric patterns that recall Cubist works of the artist. And Cubism has you it not been inspired by the African works? If Pablo Picasso could answer us…


The East wanted to Armand Albert Rateau

Unlike Eugène Printz, it is the East, and not Africa, who inspired Armand Albert Rateau. The East found the Palace of Knossos or the Egypt of the Pharaohs forge his works like this reading table, flanked to a phoenix-like bird, or "the fennecs' lamps carried out for Lanvin Decoration.

A collector of Switzerland, the France can not be ignored

Plump cheeks, curly hair, a careful look. It is true that it is difficult to not melt for the face of baby of Anne-Angel, youngest daughter of Jean-Antoine Houdon. This last has sculpted his daughter when she was 15 months old, in 1791. His bust, masterpiece of the artist, is offered at auction may 16. Through the lens of the collector, we plunge into the old Regime with including a pair of candelabra attributed to just-Aurele Meissonnier, which refers to the birth of the Dauphin, "offspring of a pure flame."   Image 1: Lot 15 EUGENE PRINTZ 1889-1948, enfilade, 1942-1946 Gabon ebony, Sycamore and brass oxidized; five original H 100 x L 250,5 P 43 cm x key.  Monogrammed EP at the bottom right, signed E.PRINTZ and numbered 3 to the back of the Cabinet estimate: €650,000-850,000 Image 2: Lot 11 ARMAND ALBERT rake 1882-1938, reading, around 1920-1925, table chiseled patinated bronze, tray swivel in blackened poirier, the adjustable height patinated brass foot. H 81 x 60.2 l x P 30 cm. H 103 cm (maximum). Stamped three times A.-A rake INVR PARIS respectively on the butterfly, the bird and the base. Estimate: €450,000-650,000 Image 3: Lot 30 representative ANNE-Angel HOUDON marble bust (1788-1843) at the AGE of 15 months. JEAN-ANTOINE HOUDON (1741-1828), FRANCE, to the 1790-1791, looking to the left, signed Houdon.f on the back, resting on a pedestal in marble: 29.7 cm x HT 38.5 cm. Estimate: €200,000-300,000 Image 4: Lot 28, pair of CANDELABRA of LOUIS XV period. Attributed to just-Aurele Meissonnier, around 1730-1740 chiselled and gilded, Bronze him was twisted on itself decorated with allegorical cartridges topped three putti, the basic contours to three reserves applied to splines twisted and surrounded with a frieze of leaves of acanthus leaves, mounted in lamp, Lampshade floral ivory FishNet background. H rimless electric 35 cm x D 18 cm. May 16 at 3 pm auction estimate: €40,000-60,000: sale catalogue © Christie's Images Ltd., 2017