Robert Ladou: the destrier and the brush

Robert Ladou - Tableau : Le jockey

As comfortable in the saddle as with a brush, Robert Ladou never sacrificed one of his passions to the other. This rider, who disappeared in 2014, found as much freedom on horseback as in front of his paintings, which are a true ode to equine. Talented but little known, the Millon-Associates study dedicated a sale to him on the brand new Bidtween auction platform but also in the drouot theatre. A look back at this inspired artist with a work available on auctionlab.

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The horse glorified by painting

Growing up in a family passionate about the equestrian world, he became an amateur jockey, then a professional jockey. After a fall, he takes refuge in painting without putting aside the equestrian universe: the horse is his favorite subject.

A few strokes are enough for Robert Ladou to give the destrier all his strength. According to Jean-Paul Agosti, painter and friend of the artist, "the quality of Robert Ladou's painting lies in its speed." Paradoxically, the artist is a perfectionist who rarely considers a work to be finished. His acute knowledge of the equestrian anatomy led him to create extremely detailed paintings.

This almost scientific approach to the animal was put to the benefit of the Chantilly Horse Museum for which Robert Ladou made anatomical plates. 

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Robert LADOU (1929-2014) Tapioca and Children Oil on canvas 114 x 146 cm Monogrammed and dated bottom right RL 74 Titled and signed on the back Tapioca and children R Ladou

Decorative or scientific, Robert Ladou's works on the Bidtween sales platform certainly celebrate the beauty of the horse. 

Robert Ladou, painter with galloping curiosity

Recognized as a specialist in equestrian painting, Robert Ladou nevertheless explores many subjects.

Intrigued by lyon's silk industry, where he comes from, he draws scarves for big names in fashion such as Nina Ricci or Lanvin. Abstract shapes and colour emerge from his creations, whose study books are offered at auction.

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Models of scarves. Robert Ladou

Robert Ladou also collaborates with the biscuit factory "Lu" for which he creates one of his most famous works, "The Taste". 

In the intimacy of his studio, the painter reproduces paintings by masters of the History of Art or works the nude. But Robert Ladou's research space goes beyond these walls: the Fontainebleau forest inspires him to make Japanese landscapes and his brushes capture the light of the place.

Nude study. Robert Ladou

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