Presidents of the Republic: when art goes on campaign

Men of power in general, and the presidents of the Republic in particular, have requested all types of art for, once elected, represent their function and consolidate their power. Official portraits, souvenirs, furniture, we find at auction, but also in museums, these pieces of historical value. Over the republics, political contexts surrounding each of the men of power are reflected in these official illustrations. These formal artistic representations are punctuated clues allowing posterity to learn a little more about the personality of the President. For this hot news are the presidential AuctionLab topic you trained backstage at the elections through the events of the art market.  

Official representations at auction

We all know the photographed portrait of the Presidents of the Fifth Republic with the garden of the Elysée Palace in the background, that adorns each of the Hotels in town in France. But the tradition is not new. Before the use of the daguerreotype, ancestor of the camera, the presidents were portrait, reproduced on the French currency, but also as a sculpted bust profile. The Osenat study presented at auction last April 30, a bust of the Marshal President Mac-Mahon in bust and uniformed in cast iron with bronze patina. Sold for €375, the test was made by Ranvier and date from the end of the 19th. More recently, there is an effigy of the President, Paré of the attributes of the French Republic, in the manner of Marianne: the Phrygian cap and the laurel wreath surrounds profile Raymond Poincaré on this plate slip presented at auction on April 28 in La Rochelle. Study LAVOISSIERE and GUEILHERS at La Rochelle. "Raymond POINCARÉ" plate in slip with relief decoration of a portrait habit of the President Poincaré, garlands of oak leaves and Laurel, Phrygian, acronym francisque diameter: 26 cm study OSENAT: bust of Marshal President Mac-Mahon in bust and uniformed in cast iron with bronze patina. Manufacturing of Ranvier. End of the 19th century. Height: 29 cm A.B.E.

Change of scenery: the exhibition of men of power seats

This is the manufacture of the goblins that continues our visit. National furniture, thanks to the continuous pace of State orders for two centuries, has one of the largest collections of seats in the world. He keeps a collection of purchases and intended orders, yesterday at the Royal and Imperial houses, today the official Palace of the Republic. Until the September 24, 2017 is held an exhibition: "seats in society, of the Sun King to Marianne", which traces three centuries of art from the headquarters in France. In a scenography signed Jacques Garcia, more than three hundred seats, exclusively from the reserves of the national furniture. It will include a superb Chair of representation, from a pair made by Bellange according to the designs of Percier and Fontaine for the King of Rome, son of Napoleon 1st, to the Tuileries, delivered in 1814. More modern, this production of the workshop of research and creation of the national furniture according to a model of Christophe Pillet, this white chair is installed annually in the center of the presidential tribune, place of the Concorde in Paris, on the occasion of the July 14 parade. Exhibition 'Seats in society': © Isabelle Bideau / furniture we can mention the furniture chosen by the presidents of the Republic without mentioning the highlighting of some designers by our elected. Thus, François Mitterrand appealed to the designer Pierre Paulin to decorate and furnish his office. At Matignon, the creation of Andrée Putman – a broad plateau in Sycamore, with beige leather armchairs and its consoles – served several Prime Ministers. Also add the role of first ladies, and notably that of Claude Pompidou. When her husband, Georges Pompidou became president of the Republic, it introduces a resolutely modern style at the Elysee. Abstraction and design furniture bloom in the presidential inside. " I am fully occupied. Redo the old salons is what gave me the most trouble. I wanted to redo the décor, restore sets, find the scattered furniture, redo the silks of origin in Lyon, succeed lighting. I love the decoration. "It's a habit at home: I got home, I really need to live in a setting created by me" will declare Mrs. Pompidou.

View of the dining room of the Elysee created in 1972 to President Pompidou by Pierre Paulin. © Olivier Amsellem.

More personal recollections: the correspondence of the statesmen

The correspondence of the presidents of the Republic, which is still a few autograph letters at auction, offers a more personal memory of the heads of State. Thus the study Ader Nordmann sold on April 30 a letter from the President Vincent Auriol, dated 1944, and addressed to his friend Gaston Palewski, referring to his relationship with General de Gaulle. She was sold to Drouot €563. So, what will be the designer chosen by the 8th President of the Fifth Republic? Answer Sunday night! Vincent AURIOL (1884-1966) politician, President of the Republic. 2 Thessalia, Algiers 19 and March 22, 1944, to a 'dear friend' ; 2 pages small 4To, French Republic, Assembly Consultative provisional header.  © Ader