Nicolas Couvrand, or the high estimate of Drouot

“€345 000…” Awarded! »

The young auctioneer of Drouot Estimations, master Nicholas Couvrand won on March 17 the work “at the crossroads of silence” made in 1960 by the Czech artist Tøyen €345 000, thus doubling its estimate.

Ability auctioneer in 2014, Nicolas Couvrand has first obtained a master 2 in taxation law and art market in Lyon, before joining the capital and started his career at Christie’s. He coordinates the sale of the collections of the abbatial Palace of Royaumont, scattered in three days of vacation, totaling more than 7.5 million euros. He then directed professional courses within the Department of Christie’s Paris and inventories to the study of master Olivier Doutrebente.

He then joined Drouot Estimations in June 2015, where today he brilliantly his profession.

Generalist and specialist: Dr. auction

The General formation of an auctioneer is very important,” explains master Couvrand, even if its period of choice is one of the arts of the 20th century and more particularly of the 50s/60s furniture. Sculpture, painting, decorative arts of the 20th century, it’s rather Nicolas Couvrand who is in charge of this review period. It is he who held the hammer last Friday when the twentieth sale where he was awarded the surreal Web of Tøyen €345 000.

Going from the Rooster with the donkey, that is what is interesting, we see very different things. Master Couvrand however emphasizes the importance of knowing all the periods in history of art for an auctioneer, and especially at Drouot Estimations.

Indeed, study offices located Street Drouot welcome Monday to Saturday the person wishing to estimate their works of art. On the other hand, “it’s being a good generalist who made our specialty” enthuses Nicolas Couvrand. All auctioneers Drouot estimations alternate their presence within the office of estimates: each one holds a permanent 2-3 times a week.

A treasure can hide another

The auctioneers Drouot estimates receive at their offices, but move also for inventories. Indeed, sometimes some people come with an object or pictures, allowing first making contact before the removal of a member of Drouot Estimations at their home.

This is precisely the case that appeared to master Couvrand and which gave rise to a nice story. A lady came year last to estimate a box in gold dating from the nineteenth century. In conversation, she mentioned a sculpture contained an archer. Master Couvrand has finally discovered this person a piece of Bourdelle she confided on sale at Drouot Estimations. It’s sold under the hammer of master Couvrand a few months later €216 000.

Free and without appointment estimates Street Drouot: highlights of Drouot Estimations

One of the benefits of the study is, after the estimate of something interesting to offer the seller the sale at Drouot, and for many, it is a guarantee of quality. Announced estimates are free and oral. Sellers entrust to Drouot estimates nearly 70% of items deemed interesting by the auctioneers of the study, for sale.

Several generations in requests for estimates: “there is for example a grandmother who would provide jewelry for her small children and would like to know their value to propose a share more just, but there are also small children who have received objects in inheritance and who want to know the value”.

The public is not necessarily composed only of Parisian vendors, there are also people of province. Admittedly, the accessibility to Drouot estimates due to several interesting criteria: estimates without appointment, free, but also the proximity of the Hotel Drouot, which attracts many.

Nicolas Couvrand stresses the importance of teaching work in these exchanges: “we explain again to the potential sellers things face to face, it’s reassuring for them: what are the costs, the reserve price,…» ».

Instagram: Nicolas Couvrand favorite social network

The study Drouot Estimations, as Nicolas Couvrand himself, are very present on social networks. It is him who is attendant to the role of community manager of the study. The young auctioneer especially like Instagram, where communication is done by the publication of photos. He acquires «of new bidders» by touching a younger audience The other collaborators of the study are also very present on instagram, publishing several times a week photos of batches that will soon go on sale via Drouot estimations.

However, other social networks, like Facebook, are also useful for the auction house: Nicolas Couvrand says we receive requests for estimates using this social network.

“Can we go back to Drouot without pay?”: social networks help to restore the true image of the auction

Over posts, master Couvrand has gradually managed to create a community of followers. “This is a long-term task,” he says. “This presence on social networks is very important,” she brings to the new audience of bidders a permanent education, because there is a great lack of knowledge of the functioning of the auction world. The question “can we go back to Drouot without pay?” is recurrent. Social networks bring a new type of communication that encourages open auctions and inspire the bidders to come. This communication, which is less formal, trying to translate the excitement that you can feel in room sales and auction at best.

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