The largest miniature Carnival auction

The Grand carousel: Lucien and Georgette Mouchet Collection


It is in the context of the succession of the couple will be held Tuesday at the Rossini, entitled selling study Mouchet "Grand Carousel": that of an exceptional collection of models.

Mr. Lucien Mouchet was adjuster to the RATP, a fool of mechanics, but also passionate about the world of the Carnival and circus. By combining his two passions, he realizes, between 1975 and 1995, accompanied by his wife in this project, 1/20 th models. It's exact replicas of rides and carousels existing between 1930 and 1970. "There are elements of the fair of the throne or even partying of the lodges" explains master François-Xavier Poncet, responsible for sales in the

A real amusement park in small scale

All the elements of these replicas have been made with extreme precision, in wood and metal. Mr Mouchet pushed reproduction up to operate its rides including an electric circuit. Everything is mechanized so, models are in motion. Mobile, but also illuminated! A real amusement park at small scale.

Master Poncet, who held the hammer on December 20, explains that it took between 2 and 3 years at the couple to achieve one of these stables in exception. Mr Mouchet, such a goldsmith, sculpts wood, shaping the sheets and install grids. "He took care of the production and design of the ride, and his wife was responsible for the details" says master Poncet. Georgette Mouchet proofing paint, realize the characters of wire models wrapped in wool.

An exhibition at the Museum of Arts Carnival in Paris

"It is a testimony to the old-time Carnival: these rides are for the oldest of them, missing dinosaurs." There is also a dissertation on the mechanics, with forms of motorisation reproduced in reduction"will explain Lucien Mouchet in his lifetime on the occasion of the exhibition of his creations at the Paris Museum of Carnival Arts in 2008, created and directed by Mr. Jean-Paul Favand.

Affordable estimates for an unusual sale

The sale will total a little more than 60 pieces, which are presented at affordable prices. Must rely on estimates about 300 / €500 for a carousel, 500 / €600 for a ride and 50 / €100 for a fairground, "of atypical parts difficult to estimate" said the auctioneer.


Tuesday, December 20 at 14:00

Rossini room, 7 Street Rossini 75009 Paris