Part.2 AuctionLab advice for good buy your wine auction

A multiple variety of buyers: in room, on the phone, but especially on the internet

About buyers, our investigation revealed that eventually, most sales for auction were carried live, or by phone. Several purchase orders are also entrusted to the studies before the sale. Accurate pictures of the bottle and the label, as well as detailed descriptions for catalog and Internet, allow these purchases remotely. A website is entirely devoted to the wine auction:

Buyers seeking vintages French bottles

Collectors are looking for rare and old, often many bottles bottles. In fact, buyers are looking for what the producers and wine merchants cannot store. It is too expensive for these professionals to store wines dated over 10 years.

Foreign buyers are many. Many great wines french Bordeaux and Burgundy fly in the Anglo-Saxon countries, but also in Asia. Old champagnes also leaving to Northern European countries, very fans of these vintages bottles.

Let you gray by auction with the advice of our wine expert!


First tip: french wines still currently remain the reference

The wine expert Pascal Kuzniewski, gave us a few tips before you bid. French wines still currently remain the reference, both for the french buyers themselves for foreigners. The wineries of France are in fact synonymous with prestige and are always very requested.

Second Council: “the purchases of bottles must be small, this investment takes time.”

The connoisseur is M.Kuzniewski, previously worked in the management of the assets. He made so many parallelisms between the finance industry and the wine. He first Council to invest in diversification. The purchases of bottles must be gradually, while understanding what you buy. Our wine expert advise to give money to someone to invest on your behalf. However, we should not hesitate to get advice, including by an expert, as is Pascal Kuzniewski.unknown This investment takes time, we figure that in 10-15 years to get a return. “No miracle recipe or magic formula” as to what bottle buy, says the expert. He dispenses advice according to buyers, based on several data. To do an algorithm just between acceptance of the level of risk, how much to invest and the duration of the investment.

Third Tip: check the lots have been examined by a recognized expert and have items on their origin

On the other hand, the expert gives us advice aimed at all before you bid. Already to watch if the lots at auction have well appraised by an expert, recognized and endorsed by a number of wineries. This already gives a first guarantee to the buyer. It should also have some information on the traceability of the bottle.

Fourth Tip: don’t hesitate to look at the bottle!

Moreover, learn also storage conditions, the State of the label and the level of the wine in the bottle. It does not hesitate to surround themselves with experts also to avoid buying fakes. Connoisseur, his experience will allow us to avoid the pitfalls of a fake market, which unfortunately is likely to develop in the next years. vins290-compressor Next few sales of wine:

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