The auction of Hermès fashion show

The timing of sales of this early autumn is rich in Hermes batch. This important program is part of a dynamic context that sees fashion occupy a growing place in the auction.  Judging by the results of auction, some parts become iconic today, sometimes reach records. Follow the thread to understand the auction at Hermes parade!

Tailor-made for the Hermès square auctions

November 29 will be held in Reims, the study Guizzetti-Collet, a sale of vintage fashion including 120 Hermès parts including many scarves. These have been left side spring to organize this thematic sales.

The square of silk is an iconic element of Hermès.

Just a century after the creation of the company, is carried out in 1937 the first square with the name of ‘The omnibus game and white ladies’, inspired a sort of game of the goose. For half a century, the silk thread (450 km for a square) is woven on the trades of the House of Perrin & Fils in the Lyon region. It takes between 400 and 600 hours for engravers to reproduce a pattern composed of thirty colors. You should apply the rolling by hand-l’ signature Hermès-hem the edges of the square are sewn with a thread of the same color, after having been gently rolled.

Originally, the illustrations were close to the equestrian world and hunting, to move then to the animals, arts, the Napoleonic epic, or automotive, returning themes regularly in collections. There was, then, been the sport with for example an edition for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Today, Hermes publishes about 15 models a year. The draw is kept secret. Fifty designers work with the House that regularly appeals to young talents.

Older models are the most popular, as drawn in limited and no can series. Some squares are also created for very special occasions. For example, the Monaco’s family ordered in very limited edition scarf with Panthers, named “Jungle Love Ithemba” and offered in 2011 to the personalities invited to the wedding of Albert and Charlene. In selling trams study Guizzetti-Collet, lot 6, for example, is a rare copy because this square in silk “Fireworks” was printed on the occasion of the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of Hermès (1837-1987).

Connoisseurs pay also attention to find copies in perfect condition. “Lately the model”Heath cocks’ designed by Xavier de Poiret, was awarded €3 800. Some rare editions reached €6,000′ says Geneviève Fontan, author of “Square of art”, a book that lists models from 1937 to 2014 Hermès scarves.

The entire universe of prestigious Hermès: ready-to-wear, textiles, jewelry and lifestyle auction Artcurial

The Hermes Department Vintage and Fashion Arts at Artcurial organizes 4 sales a year devoted only to Hermès vintage: 2 in Paris and 2 in Monaco. One of them takes place early November in the Parisian auction house and will be composed of 400 lots retracing the universe of prestigious Hermès: silk, clothing, textiles, leather goods, jewelry and lifestyle.

The Hermes Department Vintage and Fashion Arts at Artcurial organizes 4 sales a year devoted only to Hermès vintage: 2 in Paris and 2 in Monaco. One of them takes place early November in the Parisian auction house and will be composed of 400 lots retracing the universe of prestigious Hermès: silk, clothing, textiles, leather goods, jewelry and lifestyle.

Conversely, sales held in Monaco are only composed of premium bags. The atmosphere and the buyers are a little different between these 2 points of sale. Indeed, the Director of the Department, Pénélope Blanckaert, says that foreign buyers are a little more present at Monaco sales, including Asian customers.

Paris sales, for their part, attract a fair mix between the public present in the room and the bidders by telephone and on live.

Hermes-bracelet-chaine-dancre-GEANT-ArtcurialThe signature ermes is a guarantee of quality in its production. Thus, in these multi-composites sales, it together signed items Hermes, as varied as are, are selling well. In sales of Artcurial, we find the mythical square Hermes, “but only former’ says Ms. Blanckaert. The timeless in terms of jewelry, such as the models ‘string ink’ as this bracelet in Silver (lot 298),

Hermes-Paul-Dupre-Lafon-Lampe-Cuir-ArtcurialSmall furniture created in association with Paul Dupré-Lafon, as this lot 346 lamp. The art of the table of Hermès is also sought after and sells well. “Hermès has stopped producing some series” explains Pénélope Blanckaert. This is the case of the “Toucan” service which can be found a few pieces in this sale.

Auctions stitched of gold for the Hermès leather goods

About the luxury of Hermès leather goods, recently saw record sales for models Kelly and Birkin, as a Hermès Kelly bag autographed by Stéphanie Grimaldi and sold for €73 700 by Artcurial in 2014.

The “Birkin” bag was created in 1984. Originally a story for the less surprising. Jane Birkin found herself on a plane next to the President of Hermes: Jean Louis Dumas. Young mother, she tells him that she can’t seem to find a bag that would be both practical and elegant to put business of the baby and his own. It was then that Jean Louis Dumas throws a challenge: draw the bag she dreams. This is why born the now iconic bag: Birkin. A top model in 1984 belts is present in the sale of November 8 (lot 123) and estimated between 3,000 and €5,000.

A great other must – have of the House Hermès is present in this sale: model ‘Kelly ‘. Established in 1936, the House wanted a “belts for women, simple and convenient for travel bag“. As its name suggests, is the Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco who made it famous by displaying it on the descent of a plane. The photo made around the world, making the famous bag timeless belt. A beautiful model in crocodile will be presented in the next auction Artcurial (lot 173), estimated 5 000 / €8,000.

The Hermes Artcurial Vintage Department director explains that the amount of these bags award achieved not systematically as a bag up, but that is sometimes the case. The craze for these models of secondary market is also due to the fact that “there are waiting lists of 6 months to 2 years for some creations of precious skin bags“. The auction then lets meet a demand for immediacy on the part of some clients wealthy and impatient, in addition to answering in love collectors of rare coins.

Beyond the individual customers, luxury homes themselves are prepared to put the full price to flesh out their archives, but also museums which can exercise their right of first refusal.

Hermès parts also glisten under the hammer of Drouot

There are also sales of vintage fashion very regularly at Drouot, almost fifty a year. In each Nestle one or several lots of Hermès. “In five years, in France, the number of sales has doubled and the phenomenon is the same international” observes Antoine Saulnier, auctioneer at Gros & Delettrez.

Wholesale and Delettrez studies organises between 7 and 10 sales per a year about dedicated to fashion and vintage, in collaboration with the firm Chombert and Sternbach. The next sale will be held on 4 November with a 100 lots of Hermès on the 400 in the sale.

These elegant rooms include 2 models of Hermès ‘ signature’: the shows ‘H-hour’ (lot 143) and the shows “Arch” (lot 222). “These two watches are in an excellent state of conservation and are timeless models,” says master Antoine Saulnier.

He takes 1920 to Hermès orients the watchmaking sector. It is precisely in 1928 that Hermès begins marketing its watch parts. The year 1978 marked an important turning point, as it is to this period that the company creates company “The watch Hermes SA” to produce and market all of the collections of the brand. We see then appear the flagship models as the watch “Arch” that recalls the shape of the caliper and “H-hour” model that fits the shape of the letter H in reference to Hermes.

Upcoming sales: 

-29 October in Reims by studying Guizzetti and collar:

-November 4 by studying big and Delettrez:

-November 5 at Art Valorem:

-November 8 at Artcurial, “Hermès Vintage”:

-On 22 November at the Hotel in the Valley of Montmorency sales: