Furniture and works of Jean Marais at auction

A first sale tribute to Jean Marais was held in 2014. Successful, it mainly concerned lots of ceramics.

This new sale, which will take place March 25 in Antibes, is organized by the Carvajal auction house. The auction will allow this time to discover the production in bronze of the artist with multiple facets, but also his personal collection.

The furniture and the collection of the comedian at auction

The husband Pasquali, legatees of Jean Marais, who decided to put to the auction an exceptional ensemble composed of some of the furniture and objects of art inherited from the House that the artist was built in Vallauris.

The auction offers an immersion into the world of Jean Marais, by presenting including all his personal furniture in the style of the “Black Forest” (Chair, armchairs, stools, harnesses, gardener) in perfect harmony with the fantastic bestiary that he had put in place in his work.

Two exceptional pieces will also highlight the quality of his own: a Picasso for Madoura ceramic plate (5 000 / €8,000) and an important female bust appearing Selika in bronze and marble from Carrara presented at the Salon of 1872 by the Milanese Pietro Calvi (10 000 / €15,000).

A great comedian but also a talented ceramicist

Pascali spouses have played an important role in the artistic career of Jean Marais. It is their contact that the actor was able to develop his talents as a ceramist in the city pottery. He learned and perfected with Jo Pasquali in Vallauris pottery, while the wife, Nini, deals to set up galleries Jean Marais, for the wide dissemination of his artistic production.

The sale will reveal important new pieces like a sphinx at the horns of deer in bronze identical to that which adorns his grave at the cemetery of Vallauris (8 000 / €12,000), an impressive bronze coffee table and glass representing two Rams heads (5 000 / €8,000), an exceptional applied Aries terracotta (1 500 / €2,000), but also a project of chess pieces in bronze. The motive of the deer, very present in the creations of the artist, is also in a rare service of glasses for Daum (2 000 / €3,000). Essential parts of its production will also be presented as his famous head of lion mounted lamp (500 / 700) or stand (800 / €1,000), but also shaped by Jean Marais himself ceramics.

Finally, lots to more modest estimates will allow to satisfy all collectors: many lithographs of the artist, photographs, but also of African sculptures, like a pair of Ashanti dolls that belonged to him.

Saturday, March 25 at 14:00 ‘Tribute to JEAN MARAIS’