Mélanie Griffon, Queen of auctions on France 2

The flea market at the auctions on Télématin: a course for early risers


After having trained as a journalist, Mélanie Griffon first directs his career to a show called "all at the flea market" on France 3. 8 years ago, William Leymergie, the famous host and producer of the cultural information show, Télématin, began looking for new writers. It is on this occasion that the journalist has joined the team of the morning show on France 2.

Initially, the Chronicle of Mélanie Griffon was a continuity of the show devoted to the flea market that it animated. Quickly, the journalist opened his reports to all of the art market. The world of auction so naturally found its place.

'Sold-sold': reports overall of the hexagon


Today, the journalist reports on the auctions are entitled "sold and sold." Mélanie Griffon has always been attracted by this auction world where "there a lot of things and always interesting themes. It's not easy to sort"she says when asked how she chooses her subjects. Of course, the columnist don't not confined its reports only Parisian sales. She travels everywhere in France. This was the case for his final story in Cannes for the sale of the collection of Roland Poype by Azur auction. The journalist is sometimes even led to the French borders for different subjects devoted to the art market.

Television: a medium that gives another brought to auction sales


Auctioneers are always very receptive to a story on their future sales and welcome with pleasure the Télématin team. Indeed, they are very open and "glad that we talk about them and that their sale be highlighted on TV" explains Mélanie Griffon. Few media spend topics in the world of the auction and, says the journalist, following the release of this type of reporting, auction houses still have a good and numerous feedback. The television broadcast brings different benefits to an article in the press, more immediate.

Confidences of the journalist: Mélanie Griffon takes us behind the camera

About the images, the boss of Télématin is very demanding on the quality. During the filming, the team attaches great importance to "create a beautiful light on the set" to present as faithfully as possible to the viewers the works presented.

Ms. Griffin is still present on the set. She takes care to interview the auctioneer, but is also responsible for giving his instructions to the team of cameramen. In general, the editing of the report is the next day, and very professional, Melanie participating. "I am my subjects until the end," she says.

Dissemination of the Chronicle is rather quickly on the set of Télématin following the shooting. Indeed, forward-looking reports are topical. For questions of planning of the team of France 2 and studies, if shooting is not possible during the exhibition of the sale a few days before the vacation, it sometimes happens that some auctioneers, very concerned, "put on a small exhibition before the hour, just for us" explains Mélanie Griffon.

The most important for the journalist is to first of all subjects that interest him


This is Melanie itself which offers the subjects of his column to William Leymergie. Together, they discuss the most important argument for the journalist is to make all subjects that interest him. Each of the stories she turns her passions. She sees it as a discovery or rediscovery of works and history. It takes as an example the last sale of the archives of Seeberger which took place at Drouot on November 8, organized by the study of Millon. "I didn't know how the scope of these photographers had been important" confides her, still in awe of the importance of these precursors first snaps of mode.

"I learn so much every time. For example she has attached great importance to talk about the Chinese design, theme from the sale of the Piasa study on October 25 "a whole new market still little known in Europe and I wanted to introduce to viewers.

The attractiveness of the journalist to the auction world is echoed in his daily life. Melanie receives catalogs selling her home. "It is very tempted," she, says evoking with us shopping crush made at the auction.


Auctioneers are present on the plateau of Télématin


It opens with pleasure the scenes of Télématin auctioneers who have turned with her stories, and who, in return, bring on the tray a piece of the upcoming sale, which will be offered at auction the following days. "Auctioneers bring most of the time of objects that cost fortunes! Evidenced by the hat of Napoleon 1st sold at auction on 16 November 2014 1 884 €000 and ready for the Chronicle by master Osenat.