Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI: the memories of their last days at auction

On the occasion of ‘Nobility and royalty’ sale will be scattered to the Hotel of sales of Drouot, Room 4, more than 200 objects, portraits, busts, correspondence, books to weapons, relics and historical documents on the family of Bourbon. This collection tells the story of the family of the Bourbons was established for forty years by a specialist textile American, living in Paris. It is under the hammer of the knife-Begarie study and the expert Cyrille Boulay these auctions will make their revolution.

A legendary shirt of Louis XIV will do the Court auction?

Strong straight neck cream silk taffeta, a shirt worn by Louis XVI during the first days of his imprisonment is the lighthouse from the sale of historical memories which will be held at Drouot on 22 February. A handwritten certificate written on parchment, with the bottom of the document the autograph signatures: ‘Reigner’ and “Ardisson”, attests the authenticity of this precious relic, is it specified in the catalog for the sale of the House knife-Begarie, in charge of the sale. “October 19, 1801, Mr. Jean Aimé Angel Reigner at this time a member of the Chamber of commerce of Lyon with Bonaparte, first Consul, met at M… Bodin… the No. 7 Helder Street, Mr. Lieutenant Colonel of gendarmerie Go… This officer gave Mr. Régny a few shirts that the unfortunate King Louis XVI had left there and that the french government were to sell secretly. These shirts are marked with a Royal Crown and a t brand of the Palace of the Tuileries. This fact happened in presence of Mr. Regny born Piron and Madam born Bodin Ardisson who evidenced here by the truth”. Estimated between 6000 and €8000, this legendary shirt will the Court to auction?

Moving memories of the last moments of the Royal family

In addition to this exceptional provenance shirt, we will discover other memories that accompanied Louis XVI and his family during their captivity in the Palace of the Tuileries to the prison of the Temple, such as the headband of the Queen Marie-Antoinette. In fine linen fabric white transparent (Lopez) embroidered to the Red wire from the initials used by two cords, I. H., with pinned to the headband a handwritten note from the hand of Jean-Baptiste Cant Hanet says Clery: “Headband of the Queen”, (1759-1809), loyal servant of the King Louis XVI during his captivity in the Temple prison, this historical memory is estimated 4000 / €6000.

Fans can also argue a Camisole of mourning worn by Marie-Antoinette after the execution of Louis XVI and mended his hand. (estimate: 2 000 / €3,000). A fragment of cloth from a jacket worn by the future Louis XVII during his captivity and estimated between 2,000 and €3000 will be submitted to the fire of the auction.

A sale that offers also some remains of the pomp of Versailles

Some relics of this sale are the lavish lifestyle of the Royal family to the Court of Versailles, as a goner in lace of Alençon belonging to the Queen Marie-Antoinette estimated between 3,000 and €5,000, a pair of stockings embroidered in ls of gold with the arms of France for King Louis XVI (estimate: 1 500 / €2,000) or suit basically turns green duck jacket worn by the first Dolphin , prince Louis-Joseph (estimate: 5 000 / €7,000).

A vacation of historical memories of the former Regime until the nineteenth

Attached to those Royal memories, can be found in this sale other memories related to the history of France: a necessary to travel from Madame Campan (estimate: 8 000 / €10,000), one was dressed for Coronation of King Louis XVIII (estimate: 5 000 / €7,000), a series of pamphlets against Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette (estimate: from € 600 to € 3,000) but also many important historical documents, including some signed by Bonaparte and estimated 3/5 €000.

Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 at 11:00 and 14: 00

Room 4 – Drouot-Richelieu, 9, Drouot 75009 Paris Street