The ITEM OF THE WEEKEND: A relic of the Royal family

The personal manuscript of Cléry, manservant of the King Louis XVI.

On the occasion of the dispersal of the collection of books of André Tissot-Dupont and his father Lucien piasa on October 18 and 19, is a rare manuscript: Jean-Baptiste Hanet, said Clery. Mr Cléry was the valet of King Louis XVI. Lot 325 of this sale is the Journal of what happened to the Tower of the Temple during the captivity of Louis XVI, between the Tuileries on 10 August 1792 to January 21, 1793, and with additions until 1798. This journal is an irreplaceable source on the trial of the King. The book was a resounding success. The draw to 6000 copies of the first edition was sold in three days. The book was seven times reissued in french the same year, translated into English and Italian. 

It is here the personal manuscript of Clery, to which he brought to many annotations and corrections.

Rating: 30 000 / €50 000
Photo credit: Piasa