The city of Toulouse, where was born the legendary European supersonic Concorde, will host an auction of exception next November 3, 4 and 5. Pieces of collection related to this legendary aircraft will be sold under the hammer of master Marc Labarbe.   Unusual coins are so auctioned, like tires, oxygen, audio crew helmet masks, glasses of toilet, flying… More than 1,000 pieces of the Concorde, including the seats of the aircraft. We will precisely detail the present Foundation in this Toulouse sale and especially to focus our attention on the 624 batch. 624 1 It is a pair of chairs created by Andrée Putman. When Air France decided in 1993 to renovate all of the components of the inner world of the Concorde, the aesthetics of the cabin to the service until the many details that make most of the pleasure of travelling, it is 'naturally to Andrée Putman' that has turned the company. Air France has indeed been "seduced by the philosophy of the famous designer, attached to a certain Art of living, expressed through sobriety, the search for the essential, the attention to detail, the mastery of light and timelessness. As many values that correspond fully to the Air France style". These are the words of the press release from 2013 of the airline that honored the memory of this designer. Andrée Putman brought a little sweetness in the austere look of the supersonic. This base model, which will be sold on November 4, is estimated 3 000 / €5,000. Other chairs related to aviation and from other had will also be auctioned during this sale. Such this lot 928: a pair of chairs from the Concorde 201, first copy of the series which was a test aircraft and presidential plane for Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, missing belts. Airbus A300 seats (the first Airbus), will also be presented for sale as lot 329: a row of 3 seats estimated between 2,000 / €3,000.     http://www.marclabarbe.com/portfolio_page/Concorde-et-Airbus-3-4-et-5-Novembre-2016/