Unpublished drawings of the 'little Prince' be Kings auction?

"All grown-ups were first children, but few of them remember it."

It's a real return in childhood suggests the Artcurial House with sale, June 14, a set of watercolors and original designs of Antoine de Saint Exupéry for the little Prince.   The eponymous character in golden hair reappears, through two watercolours which illustrated the original edition of the little Prince, and a suite of 11 drawings preparatory, all captioned, who wear the genesis of this mythical tale. Watercolor on paper mounted on cardboard, (27.8 x 21.4 cm) skin estimated 110 000-140 €000 it served the picture in black and white on page 24 of the original edition. It was painted by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to illustrate the text of Chapter VI editors chose to print in part on the drawing itself, by deleting to do three pieces of the circumference of the planet. The little Prince is represented sitting on a Chair, looking at a glowing Sun disappearing behind flowers and rushes.

Unpublished watercolours that even the Publisher Gallimard has not had in hand

Two watercolors offered in this auction are from the estate of Consuelo de Saint-Exupéry, the wife of the writer. These works were created in Eatons Neck (Northport, NY), in the summer-fall 1942. The original edition of the 'little prince' was published on April 6, 1943. Gaston Gallimard was the first French edition of the little Prince in 1945: he had to copy the illustrations of the American editions because it did not have access to the originals remained across the Atlantic with Consuelo.   Watercolor on paper mounted on cardboard, (27.8 x 21.4 cm) skin estimated 92 000-110 €000 she served to the illustration on page 71 of the original edition. It is reproduced in different colors, which suggests that the publishers here changed the original colors of watercolor, without touching the drawing. It was painted by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to illustrate a passage more upstream, chapter XX, to the moment when the little Prince discovers bitterly "a garden of roses" similar to hers.  Then he says still 'I thought I was rich of a single flower, and I has only a regular rose. That and my three volcanoes that happen to me in the knee, and which, perhaps, is off forever, doesn't do me a good great prince... "And, lying in the grass, he wept.

"It is truly useful since it's pretty" Antoine de Saint Exupéry

    While a recent study shows that the little Prince is the most translated book in the world, after the Bible and the Koran, Artcurial will also auction a series of 11 sketches signed of Antoine de Saint Exupéry. They come directly from Silvia Hamilton, friend of heart of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, met in New York to which he entrusted them before his departure. She kept them until 1976, year where they took place in a collection of southwest of the France. This is why they were entrusted to study Artcurial in Toulouse. This set is crowned by the last letter of the driver writer, written the day before he died to his friend Pierre Dalloz, a superb dramatic intensity. It ends with these words: "if I went down I will absolutely regret nothing…" Me I was made to be a gardener." Suite of 11 original drawings in pencil on 11 sheets of paper Peel, 27.9 x 21.6 cm and brown ink. All are captioned by Saint-Exupery and nine of them are numbered. The total is estimated 80 000-100 €000.