The casting of the RMN-Grand Palace workshop leaves his prints auction

200 pieces of the casting workshop of the NMR by studying Cornette de Saint Cyr auction


On 22 November, the auction house Cornette Saint Cyr, in partnership with the meeting of national museums – Grand Palais, will auction nearly 200 reproductions in plaster and resin from his casting workshop.

Originally from this sale big destocking launched by the public institution, the RMN-Grand Palais, which brings together major national museums. The goal is to make room in his Studio cluttered with the plain-Saint-Denis where are kept more than 5 000 molds made mainly in plaster on original sculptures, of prehistory at the beginning of the 20th century.

Following the success of the auction last year, casting Department of the RMN-Grand Palais has decided to offer fans and collectors a new sale to free up space in its reserves still saturated.

Protect and safeguard heritage


Established in 1794, 2 years after the Louvre Museum, the workshop today located in the northern suburbs of Paris, was first mission to mould the 40 most beautiful Antiques, in other words the perfection of Greek and Roman statuary.

Her second mission was initially educational: feed the art schools into copies of classic masterpieces as objects of study for students.

Today the workshop of casts of the RMN-Grand Palace is still also active, especially in the making of copies to replace originals in restoration. It also has a vocation to protect the valuable heritage of the outrages of the men and the time: flights, degradation, pollution and wear… for future generations.

France, Greece or Egypt: choose your molding among the masterpieces of the world sculpture


A Venus of Milo, a Virgin, a crater of masks from the Roman era, a bust of Louis XIV in costume of the time, a personification of the Republic under the guise of Marianne, figures from Greek and Roman myths but also from the ancient Egypt… These White statues display their beauty of plaster in the form of heads, busts, torsos, sarcophagi, or whole body.

This sample of gypsotheque (from the Greek gypsos, plaster) bringing together some of the masterpieces of world sculpture, from its origins to our days, will be exposed to the Paris study from 18 to 20 November.

Auction house Cornette Saint Cyr Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 7.30 pm: