Architecture in the foreground for the auction of the Fund Baltard

The sales of Mayenne hotel will offer next Thursday, under the master Pascal Blouet hammer, a unique part of the Fund Baltard. Composed of drawings, photographs, books and documents, this Fund comes from the descendants of the family Baltard.

A fund partly consisting of unpublished photographs from the end of the 19th

"These pieces remained in cartons to drawings and shelves of the family library" explains the auctioneer in charge of the sale. This Fund shall consist partly of photographs of works by the great architect Victor Baltard, made after architectural achievements. Under the lot number 225, the auction house offered a photograph of Collard, a (undated, around 1865) albumen print showing a scene animated on a construction site. The copy is accompanied by a shipping autograph signed "to Mr Baltard, Member of the Institute, Director of the architecture Department. Lerard architect. Lot 227 is the cliché of Richebourg from Paris City Hall taken before the fire of 1871. Victor Baltard was responsible, from 1850 to 1870, decoration and maintenance of the monument work that came to build Lesueur.

Brilliant lots that allow to trace the career of the architect son

Victor Baltard was one of the principal architects of Napoleon III. In 1846, appointed architect in Chief of the first section of the work of the city of Paris and, in 1860, Director of the architecture Department, fine arts and the celebrations of the city of Paris and the Department of the Seine, triple feature created for him and that he meets during the last ten years of the second Empire, so as to make highly appreciate the importance and usefulness. Lot 251 revives the memory of its proximity to the imperial family. This is a first edition of Eugène Rouyer / Lefuel "the private apartments of S.M the Empress at the Tuileries Palace decorated by Mr. S.M. architect Lefuel. the Emperor"with an autograph that shows membership of this copy to Victor Baltard:"to Mr. Victor Baltard very respectful tribute to his student recognizing E. Rouyer. This annotation still gives a biographical element of the eclectic career of the architect. Indeed, Victor Baltard, in 1842, had deputized his father as Professor of architectural theory at the school of fine arts, school, where some of his rare pupils won brilliant success.

A family Fund: the rare plans of Louis-Pierre Baltard, architect and father of Victor

The rarity of this Fund is also due to the lots 248 and 249 of the sale which are projects of architecture, can be for a prison, watercolors in colors in folio (plans and front of monument) signed by Louis-Pierre Baltard (1764-1846), the father of Victor, specialist of prison architecture and realized that the Saint Joseph prison in Lyon. He is also the author of the famous book "Architectonographie of prisons" (1829). At the rear of the lot 249 is annotated "annotated on the reverse: Prison – Mr Baltard.» »

A historic Fund that will interest may be the library of the city of Paris

Master Blouet insists on the "scarcity of funds historical, always hard to find. The history of the city of Paris Library maintains a fund Victor Baltard composed a set of 26 original plans put in place for the central market Hall, including projects overall and the execution details for the expansion of the halls between 1844 and 1853. Maybe this cultural institution wish to acquire these parts to complete his collection.

Former background Victor BALTARD: drawings, photographs, books Thursday, January 26 at 14:30 in Mayenne