Karel call: between showroom and sales room

33 years… some are facing a tragic destiny at this point in their lives… Conversely, in Karel call, it is rather the age of achievement.

Focus on two works by the artist painted in 1954: one at the Museum, the other at auction.

The founding member of CoBrA charm visitors?

From a donation of twenty-one paintings and sculptures of the Karel call Foundation in Amsterdam, the city of Paris Modern Art Museum presents a monographic exhibition retracing the entire career of the artist, years CoBrA to his death in 2006. 

Born in 1921, the Dutch artist is best known for being one of the founding members of the Group CoBrA, created in Paris in 1948

CoBrA, European Group of artists like Asger Jorn, and Pierre Alechinsky, intends to exceed the academic movements of the time, even abstract, art considered so as too rational. They advocate rather an art spontaneous and experimental, including a set of practices based on Primitivism. However, the movement will quickly run out of steam and is dissolved in 1951.

"I use my tubes to draw on the canvas as with a piece of chalk on a blackboard.

While other members of CoBrA are other groups to clearly political inclinations, appeal continues a road lonelier and more Parisian. He was soon noticed by Michel Tapié who introduced him to french and European art circles. Tapie is fascinated by the expressive vehemence of appeal and his generous paint, made the tube, in an expressive gestuality, he infuses also to his sculpture.  

Karel appeal, "Dancers of the desert", 1954 oil on canvas, 117 x 166 cm Modern Art Museum of the city of Paris © Karel call Foundation / ADAGP, Paris 2017

1954: Two rooms, two atmospheres

Found in the retrospective Paris "dancers of the desert." Painted in 1954, the work offers visitors lines in low relief on two characters, drawn in haste, as if caught in a whirl of colored lines. An overlap of dynamic lines on bottom ocher joyfully meet the title of the exhibition: "Karel appeal, art is a party!".

  Karel appeal, Untitled, 1954. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated upper left. 93 x 121 cm. Photo: Drouot Estimations at the same time, the auction house Drouot Estimations will propose to auction on May 31, a work by the Dutch artist She also dated 1954. Untitled, oil on canvas, signed by appeal is very different in its design by the use of colors. Research no longer seems to be in the numbers – even if our imagination drives us to see at the Center a face, or a horse at a gallop – but more in the highlighting of the gesture. Expressive, characteristic vehemence in the period 1952/1957 at appeal, are glorified. The monographic exhibition which is held at the Museum of modern art of the city of Paris is dedicated to all of the career of Karel call and gives to see visitors as other types of production of the artist, as sculptures and ceramics, later. Karel appeal, "man OWL n ° 1", 1960 acrylic on olivier stump, 157 x 90 x 52 cm Modern Art Museum of the city of Paris © Karel call Foundation / ADAGP, Paris 2017  

Museum of modern art of the city of Paris: exhibition "Karel call art is a party!" Until August 20, 2017

Drouot Estimations: Sale may 31, 2017: catalog