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The antique dealers Biennale closed its doors a few weeks ago. Visitors were able to admire masterpieces of fine jewellery. Today it is the wholesale and Delettrez study that shows a program bursting with a 100% of the iconic House Chanel jewelry sale on October 10. Other French auction houses regularly schedule of auctions of jewelry high in brightness. Auction Lab takes you behind the counter to explore behind the scenes of the auctions of jewelry.

The expertise of jewelry: a work of craftsmanship

To study Aguttes, it’s Philippine Dupré La Tour, training gemologist and jewelry expert, who is in charge of the expertise of the parts. As in other studies, the stones, like the pearls, are subject to the expertise of recognized french laboratories. The invoice of the purchase during the auction, with the description of the jewel and regulatory references, serves as a certificate.

We are committed on what it says.

: explains the head of the Department. Master Boisgirard said us that this is the same operation within the other auction houses.

As with all auctions, the jewels are visible during the exhibition preceding the sale. To study Aguttes, this is possible also by appointment, during the weeks before the sale. Some American clients of the study came during their first purchases, see the jewels in visu. They buy now online or by phone during the sale, relying on the reputation of the House Aguttes and eye experienced Philippine Dupré La Tour.

A nice record of sale been done in March last for the sale of a Suzanne Belperron ring to €116 025. It was acquired by a client who had not seen directly, but who trusted in the jewelry Department.

This is also the case in the study Boisgirard Antonini “several customers buy online or by phone from the jewelry they have not seen,” says master Boisgirard.

JEWELLERY French well represented in jewelry – jewelry auction sales

On October 10 at Drouot, wholesale and Delettrez study organizes the first sale dedicated entirely to the House of Chanel jewelry. Rings, necklaces, long necklaces, Cufflinks, brooches and earrings dated from the 1950s to 2014, or about 400 pieces, will be offered at auction.

Some estimates start at €20, climbing up to €25,000, including for complete sets, of which some were done in a very limited edition.

Three-quarters of the lots belonged to a collector French, now deceased, who used to buy whole skins of the claw. The jewelry has been made by Gripoix Goossens, some are signed Chanel by Victoire de Castellane, a creative who has, alongside Karl Lagerfeld, supervised the collection of jewelry of the House from 1984 to 1998, before joining Dior. “Gabrielle” Coco “Chanel was attached to that her fancy jewels are a reflection of the high jewellery,” emphasizes the sales expert Dominique Chombert. The sale highlights the french quality know-how.

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The major jewellers of place Vendôme signed jewelry also have an important place in the more general auctions. Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Boucheron, Chaumet and other prestigious houses are present in most of the sales, variable amount. These signatures of French fine jewellery are a guarantee of quality for buyers, “as much individuals as professionals”, says master Boisgirard in the eponymous auction house.


The market of Parisian art also offers auction jewelry from creators of the beginning of the 20th century, just as qualitative, such as Suzanne Belperron, René Boivin or René Lalique. Fine sales results have been achieved by the Aguttes House recently with the award to €116 025 in June 2016 of a Suzanne Belperron ring. In March, a necklace signed the same designer had already secured a nice prize and was awarded €31 875.

At the next sale of Neuilly study will be presented a set consisting of a ring and a brooch model ‘thistle’ René Boivin, estimated respectively 12 000 / €15,000 and 6,000 / €8,000.

But jewelry modern, much later, also have an important place in the sales room. Indeed, master Boisgirard, the sales manager of jewelry to the study Boisgirard and Antonini, tells us that these parts alone represent approximately half of the lots that make up this study jewelry sales.


Aguttes study has made the sale auction of fine pearls a specialty. Indeed, Madam Dupré Tower, responsible of this Department, explains that the market of natural pearls is very dynamic now for a little more than 6 years. This market currently works very well and the pearls can reach high prices. The study holds 4 sales a year where natural pearls, fine, say in the form of necklaces, rings, earrings, pins or pins with pearls have a prominent place.

The House, located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, is recognized for this specialty. Fine pearls market attracts both vendors, but also of international professional buyers, attracted by the reputation of quality and trust of the auction house.

The owners of the legendary string of pearls of Jeanne Lanvin have also chosen Aguttes study to sell at auction on October 19.

Aguttes home jewelry sales are more directed to the old jewelry than modern. “They are sold more expensive than the weight of the gold currently”, says the expert. The explanation comes because it is now more difficult to acquire former quality jewellery. “It is a good investment, because there is less and less, besides a lot of these old jewelry abroad”. Jewelry auctions are usually sold above the weight of gold, an estimate due to the work done on the gem and the integration of precious stones.

sale Aguttes


There are several cities in France where an institution named the municipal Credit. Indeed, this property works with the principle of the loan. It’s an alternative form of Bank loan, based on the object. Indeed, against the filing of an object of value, often a gem, a loan is granted immediately. This is the estimated value of the object on the public auction market which determines the amount of the loan. If you can’t repay the loan, the jewel is therefore put on sale. Therefore, jewelry sales are regularly organized.

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