On the track to the auctions of horses

The auctions of horses exist in France since the 19th century. They attract an audience of amateurs who come for the show, but especially professionals. And as every year, buyers come from around the world in France to acquire one or more Purebreds. Investors chasing a dream: that of their Colt to win a grand prize. But nothing is written in the evolution of a young horse. Pay a significant price do not always certify to win the greatest trials.

Agencies to present horses auctions in all France

The fall season is an opportunity for several sales agencies specializing in horses to organize large events. The beginning of October was marked by the famous price of CRA organized by Arqana Chantilly. The Arqana sales agency plans 10 sessions per year on the sites of Deauville and Saint-Cloud. It is the main operator of sales realizing, in 2012, more than 90% of the total amount of auctions in France (source: report of the Board of the 2013 sales).

There are also the Federation of auction horses for breeding and Sport (FENCES) or SHF Market. “In Gallop and trot, coexist also a few other structures to lower commercial ambitions, but whose goal is to improve the commercialization of the products of livestock in the region ‘: Breeders Association Norman, Association of farmers of East Central, Osarus, sales of trotters of Caen. (Source: national stud).

The auctions are the almost exclusive marketing mode of race horses

The workings of the auctions of horses are quite specific and are different from the traditional auctions. Indeed, these sales are those of a very much alive: the horse. We must therefore take into account the fact that we are talking about a market based on a living being and with a production cycle that renews itself every year.

The auctions of horses are a market with several subcategories. There’s first foals sales: these are horses of 6 months. The best known are the sales of yearlings: horses less than two years. Then there are the vacations of stallions, horses in training auction and those of racing horses (in which there are the horses trot and Gallop).

The auctions are the almost exclusive marketing mode of race horses. Indeed, the publicity preceding the sale, transparency in the setting of market prices, the guarantees on the property sold and the security of the transaction are very arguments for these auctions.

The third of the specificities of the auctions of horses

In the equestrian auctions, there are three main features that differentiate them from auctions furniture legal and voluntary or professional property sales.

The first is the intervention of a broker and its mode of remuneration. To read the General conditions of sale of the Arqana House, the selling company explicitly pays the broker up to 5% of the auction price. Buyer and seller are therefore informed of the remuneration of the intermediary in the sale, which intervenes on behalf of the buyer.

Unlike the auctions classic where the buyer is not obliged to make themselves known before bidding, here, the potential bidder shall explicitly attend before the auction house. This to be approved so that the study is “credit”. The second specificity of this type of sale is therefore “to be credit. It is a convention by which the auction house, intermediate in the commercial relationship, vouches for the payment by the buyer. So, she goes for default resulting from the insolvency of the customer. The payment is then guaranteed to the seller.

Another peculiarity of these auctions of horses is the fact that the payment must be made immediately. Otherwise, the horse may be distributed for sale on crazy auction at the same vacation.

Further details: before the sale, the buyer the opportunity to realize additional veterinary tests at its expense on the horse.

Upcoming sales:

Sale of Yearlings in October by Arqana, 18 to 21 October 2016, in Deauville:


813 horses are sold at auction to the hippodrome of Caen until 19 October by the trotters in Caen:


Equita’ sales in Lyon, from 28/10/2016-10 30, 2016:


Sale of Yearling, breeding, Store and EAC by Osarus on November 4, 2016


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