Hélène Martin: return of the Martinique auctioneer to the treasure island

Since late February, Hélène Martin has officially named the auctioneer of Martinique.

Back to the land of his childhood: the 1st Martinique auctioneer in Martinique.

After studying law in Martinique, Hélène Martin flew to the France to learn the history of art. Graduated a few months ago, end of 2016, master Martin decide to respond to the call for nominations for the office of auctioneer in Martinique, vacant for a few years. A positive response to this young woman, who becomes the first, and only, Martinique auctioneer in Martinique.

“A leap in the dark”: the adventure of auction

The challenge is double for the young woman. In addition to this first post for a young graduate, “there is everything to do” Hélène Martin explains. A challenge for the one who will be responsible for sales by public auction prescribed by law or by a court decision (sales after judicial liquidations, turnarounds and liquidations Court, probate, guardianship).

Its activity is so first oriented to the classic judicial office surrounded by the usual stakeholders: notaries and other bodies of procedures.

Sales room is found, the team is formed, “the Agency is operational,” says master Martin. However, for now, the number of sales is not quantifiable, the volume of business is volatile and references are non-existent, due to the vacancy of the post.

An orientation of the study to voluntary sales is quite compatible with the judiciary, but is not the priority of Hélène Martin, even if she pays attention to this project “that will bloom slowly” she tells us.

“I hope that it will happen to democratize auction with internet”

During his Parisian studies, Hélène Martin was supported, within the ANECP, communication, social networks and the management of the website. Digital obviously so for her: “I am the computer generation, and I hope we get to democratize through Internet and the live auction. “He must know to use internet” says master martin. The auctioneer emphasizes the interest of these sales for Martinique dematerialised. Indeed, geographical remoteness and lag are strong arguments to leave important digital auction.