Get auction for the sale of the staircase of the Eiffel Tower

Part of the Eiffel Tower in the Art Deco of Artcurial sale auction


On 22 November, the Artcurial House organizes its traditional vacation dedicated to Art Deco. On the occasion of this sale, the study offers auctioning an iconic piece of the French capital: a section of the Eiffel Tower's original staircase. A height of 2.60 meters and made up of 14 markets, it comes from the helical original staircase of the Eiffel Tower, dating from 1889, which connected the 2nd to the 3rd floor of the monument. Coming from a private collection, it is estimated 40 000 and 50 €000.

The installation of the lift requires disassembly of the stairs

In 1983, the installation of an elevator between two floors of the Eiffel Tower requires the disassembly of a staircase. It is then cut into 24 sections, from 2 to 9 metres in height. One of them is kept on the first floor of the tower and three others are available to french museums: the Parisian museums Orsay and la Villette and the Museum of the history of iron in Nancy. December 1, 1983, the 20 remaining items are sold at auction. The sale was a huge success and the stretches of stairs are acquired by collectors around the world.

Parts of the stairs of the Eiffel Tower present in the world

The different parts are now presented in prestigious sites worldwide. One is located in the gardens of the Yoishii Foundation in Yamanashi to the Japan, another near the Statue of liberty in New York or Disneyland. Others are in private foreign collections in the Canada, Switzerland, Italy, and the Brazil. The sculptor Caesar, meanwhile, recovered in 1983 from elements of the work of relief of the tower for his sculpture tribute to Eiffel. As for the two only sections remained in France, they were acquired by the singer Guy Béart, who sells them in March 2015.

Regularly, some reappear in public sales. This is why in 2009, a stretch of 2,70 meters flew to €550 000, 10 times its estimate, carried away by an American private buyer.

Artcurial has already auctioned off a section of the stairs awarded €220 000

This is the second time that Artcurial will propose this historical piece at auction. In 2013, a stretch of origin of 3.50 metres high including 19 markets, linking him as the 2nd to the 3rd floor of the Eiffel Tower had been awarded 220 000 euros fees included.  It is this time the section number 13 which will be proposed.