Surrealist auctions: Salvador Dalí and Hans Bellmer

The entourage of André Breton will be honored on April 5, with the sale devoted to the art and literature of the twentieth century, Binoche and Giquello. Salvador Dalí and Hans Bellmer are the headliners.  

The double-face of Hans Bellmer

In the highlights of this sale “AVANT GARDE – surrealism – ART and literature of the twentieth century”, Hans Bellmer is in good place. Will be proposed a double-sided drawing signed by the artist with, on one side, the portrait of a naked woman, and on the other, the sketch of two young girls (estimated 45 000-50 €000). This work was visible at an exhibition dedicated to the artist at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago in 1975. Mr. Oterelo, expert of the sale, says Auction Lab: “Max Ernst, artist and friend of Bellmer, strongly advised to ‘ food ‘. But Bellmer refuses, with the exception of a few rare thrillers covers. These hard times drove him to save media. This is the reason for the presence of girls on the back of the nude to the worksheet.

The Immaculate Conception by Breton, Eluard, and Dali.

Literature is not outdone. Several works of collaboration between authors and artists are offered for sale, including “Immaculate conception”, written by Paul Eluard and André Breton, illustrated by Salvador Dali. This work (estimated 30 000-40 000 euros) is published in two hundred copies, of which ten published on Japan paper, as our collection of poems. It is so by exceptional nature, but becomes it more when its owner, Georges Hugnet, does justify by Paul Eluard. He also commented on the engraving of Salvador Dali, which is accompanied by five original drawings of the artist, making this unique collection.

Surrealism captures all media.

In addition to these pieces, highlights of the sale, will be available at the auction delight lovers of sculpture (lot no. 124, Christ bearing his cross, Salvador Dali), photography (lot no. 136 Marcel Duchamp and his Hans Richter, Marcel Duchamp rotoreliefs), or still photomontage (series of Pierre Molinier).

BINOCHE and GIQUELLO: Front guard – surrealism – ART and literature of the XXTH century Wednesday, April 05, 2017 14:15 room 2 – Drouot-Richelieu, 9 St Drouot 75009 Paris auction Catalogue:

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