Cyril Chamalet

Auctionlab was created by Cyril Chamalet, renowned television producer. It's by producing the show  “A treasure in your house“ the French version of “Cash in the Attic“  broadcast on the M6 ​​television channel that Cyril Chamalet had the idea of ​​launching this platform. Cyril is Passionate about XNUMXth century furniture and decorative objects. The Auctionlab team selects its salespeople to meet a demanding clientele.

Since 2016, Auctionlab has been meeting the demands and needs of professionals in the sales of exceptional goods such as auctioneers, art dealers and antique dealers by offering them a dedicated digital service. 

IN 2017, was launched and became the information site on auctions in France and abroad. Today, Auctionlab, thanks to its new shop, offers the whole world, with its partners, a selection of rare objects and furniture. 

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