Who are the buyers of the French TV show Affaire Conclue?

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Which are the buyers French TV show Affaire Conclue ?

With our Affaire conclue, Sophie Davant hosts part of the afternoons of France 2. The program, which has existed in France since 2017, is adapted from a German program created in 2013. The daily has been supplemented since 2019 by a Object hunting weekly broadcast on Sundays.


The concept is therefore well established on the public channel and is based on a simple principle. Sellers present items to the show's experts (most often auctioneers). These evaluate the object and propose a price from which the seller chooses or not to go and present his object in the “auction room”. It is then received by buyers who will increase the bids according to their interest in the object.


Buyers take center stage for much of the show. They sometimes pretend to quarrel but are most often very accomplices. Who are these buyers? What are their backgrounds? We tell you everything about the faces of the show Affaire conclue


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The news of the Deal concluded arrived on August 20, 2020 on France2: François-Xavier Renou

François-Xavier Renou is now replacing Pierre-Jean Chalençon, who was removed from the program in June 2020. François-Xavier, a very charismatic character, is an art dealer. He works for the Art market in Asia.

He was already noticed by his services as a crazy artist in various clips and stage presence. During the first show this summer for François-Xavier Renou, the other buyers did not resist strongly chambering him on the subject.

François-Xavier, also called Fransoa in Indonesia where he lives several months a year, participated in 2002 in the Koh Lanta program broadcast on TF1. He lived more than 30 days on Nicoya in Costa Rica.

François-Xavier Renou - Koh Lanta © ALP


We will not fail to come back on the adventures of this new buyers of the France 2 show.

To see François-Xavier's video clips, it's here:

The buyers highlight


At the launch of the show, the number of buyers who intervened were very small. Seven buyers took turns alongside Sophie Davant to argue over the viewers' items. But the success of the show changed this initial format. More and more buyers are making appearances on the France 2 set.


However, there is a limited number of iconic buyers of the program which form the basis of the auction house. These most recurring speakers have become figures of the audiovisual landscape for some. They are even solicited for other shows. They are distinguished by their skills, their personality, their exuberance, their seriousness: it depends.

Julien Cohen

Julien Cohen deal concluded

With his colored glasses, his outspokenness and his charisma, Julien Cohen is one of the pillars of the show. Coming from a family of bargain hunters, he grew up in contact with old objects by browsing the auction rooms and flea markets. At the professional level, he began very young to found companies unrelated to the flea market. It was only later that he opened his first antique shop in Paris. The success met allows him to develop this activity and excel in it. He is thus spotted by the team of the show where he appears from the first episodes.

The shop of Julien Cohen in Paris: 138, Rue Des Rosiers. 93400 - Saint Ouen

Julien Cohen's shop in Brussels : 63 Blaes Street - 1000 Brussels

Pierre-Jean Chalençon

Distinguished by his blonde hair and his exuberance, Pierre-Jean Chalençon presents himself as one of the greatest collectors of objects linked to Napoleon Bonaparte. It is distinguished by a great historical culture. He owns the Palais Vivienne, which is frequently referred to in the show. He is also a director of the Cercle France Napoléon. Pierre-Jean is therefore above all a passionate collector who has traveled the world with his own objects which have integrated high-profile exhibitions from the Pantheon in Paris to the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, passing through all the great places of art. global. Another aspect of his career is less known: he was the secretary and confidant of singer Charles Trenet, of whom he wrote a biography published in 2005. Before Affaire conclue, he participated in a first show: Your items have a story in 2014.

At the end of June 2020, Pierre-Jean Chalençon announced his withdrawal from France 2's flagship program “Affaire concluded” after two setbacks, a selfie with Dieudonné at Jean-Marie Le Pen's birthday party posted on social networks by Internet users, and unscrupulous messages sent to Line Renaud on Twitter.



Anne-Catherine Verwaerde

On the woman's side, one of the program's most prominent buyers is also blonde: Anne-Catherine Verwaerde! She has an original professional background which first led her to be marketing director for major brands following her business studies. She finally reoriented herself on the field that really fascinates her: flea markets and vintage decor. She changes her life to live off this passion that dates from her childhood and that she inherited from her grandmother. She founded a website in 2017,The little flea market. It's broken for Affaire conclue and participates in the first episodes. She is characterized on the air by a kind of gentleness that does not exclude stubbornness when she really wants an object!

Alexandra Morel

She is also one of the recurring faces much loved by viewers. She stands out for her expertise and knowledge. She grew up in a family of antique dealers and her three brothers also embraced this path. She participated in a first show devoted to antiques, in 2015: Storage Wars on 6TER. Within the team of buyers ofAffaire conclue, she shows her passion for Jewelry and watchmaking.

Alexandra Morel

Caroline Margeridon

Caroline Margeridon

She livens up the auction floor with her slightly hoarse voice and enthusiasm. This art and antiques lover has been organizing exhibitions in Paris for several decades and her talent is recognized. She knows how to elbows when an object interests her but also shows herself without concessions with her comrades and certain salesmen!

The new talents


Over the seasons, the show's success has brought new faces to the auction house. Of all ages, they take turns to animate the auctions, each with their own personality. Some have carved out a place for themselves within this constantly changing team.

Stéphane Vanhendenhoven

He is one of the Belgian buyers of the show. It is characterized by a kind of good-naturedness but also by its requirement. He owns a store in Brussels. He is one of the buyers with the most diverse tastes. His recurring appearances over the last season have expanded the panel of buyers by always focusing on competence.

Stéphane Vanhendenhoven

Gérard Watelet

This is another Belgian who made appearances from 2018. Architect interior, it can acquire all kinds of vintage decorative items. He has them reworked to integrate them into his work. He also worked in haute-couture during his very rich professional career.

© france 2 Gérard Watelet

Bernard Dumeige

He presents himself with a somewhat austere appearance at times and has his outspokenness. This World War I enthusiast even created a museum dedicated to this dark period in history. It is above all a second-hand dealer with heterogeneous tastes. He is one of the buyers who gives the show a very genuine and sincere character.

Many other buyers from time to time complete the fine team in the auction room.Affaire conclue. This is the case for example François Cases Bardina who is a renowned cabinetmaker. He is often attacked by other buyers because he can acquire furniture and rework it with his own hands. Where the others have to incur restoration costs, it assumes for itself this meticulous work. There is also Leticia Blanco which comes to charm the sellers of its slight Spanish accent. The blogger is also secondhand via the internet. Her appearances are therefore punctual (but noticed) because they require for her restrictive movements from Madrid. We will also have noticed the participation of Mathieu Momein, one of the youngest antique dealers in France. Aged 25 years at the time of his first participation, he charmed the public by his excellent level of knowledge.

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