UK: A Compulsive Buyer's Treasure at Auction

Ali Baba cave, made up of weird and remarkable collectibles, belonging to 'Britain's greatest collector ever', expected to cost up to £ 4million after being discovered following his death , said an auction house on Thursday auction public.
The hoard of 60.000 objects engulfed the man's terraced house, a rented apartment, 2 garages and 24 garbage cans.
It includes unusual comics, publications, Beatles memorabilia, football collectibles as well as images from Beauty space missions.
The man has been recognized in press reports as Ramann Shukla, who resided in Nottingham, England, before his untimely death earlier this year at the age of 64.
The trophy, which filled all parts of Shukla's buildings from floor to ceiling, was discovered by his brother.
“His impression was to put them in landfills. But luckily he made the decision to call us in, ”said Terry Woodcock, chief auctioneer of Unique Public Auctions in Lincoln, in a video on the company's website.

12 days to empty the house
He said that eight staff at the residence of vente aux enchères took 12 days to empty the main house, and there were still more to get rid of the other properties.
Shukla had in fact been racking up products on since at least 2008, Mr. Woodcock said.
“It was clear this guy was a compulsive shopper,” he said.
Shukla was apparently a computer systems developer, and had to reside in a type b and b building during his last year of activity due to lack of space.
This eclectic treasure includes photos and signed letters relating to John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Elvis Presley, over 6 old comics, 000 chemistry collections and also 3 Rickenbacker guitars.

The entire collection is valued at between an additional 500 pounds ($ 000) and an additional 645 million pounds ($ 000 million), and will also be auctioned October 4-5,2 in as many as 22. good deals.