The madness of the collections of enameled plates and advertising

Enamelled plates auction

eConnoisseurs will tell you: in popular Article, enamelled and advertising plates are sure values. This July 17th, lots of enamelled and advertising plates will be sold at auction, with the auction house Ivoire Bordeaux, as it stands: enough to delight collectors and lovers of vintage objects.

What is an enamelled plate?

The enamelled plate reached its peak during the first decades of the 20th century. It is a sheet metal plate: the dimensions and formats can thus vary on demand. It is used as a medium and advertising object, very popular in the 1920s to the 1960s. The design at the time offered some variations: the smooth and flat enameled flat, the enameled flat with a relief or the enameled flat reliefs with illustrations and words in relief. The flattened sheet is decorated with various types of installation, fixing and protection processes. The houses and signs had their own enamelled plates, some of which marked generations. Examples include Beka Flatbeds decorated with the three little kittens, yellow ads on a blue background of the Kub broth, Primagaz's butane gas advertising panels, the mythical enamelled plates of Harley Davidson motorcycles or the unforgettable ones Coca-Cola lithographs and its pin-ups . In addition, enameled plates were also used for indications: street signs, signs, house numbers, etc. Among the advertising objects of this period, we can mention some accessories such as ashtrays, corner pickers, pitchers, glasses. Thus, the first half of the 20th century had a veritable catalog of advertising materials, copies of which are to be discovered this July 17, 2019, with Ivory Bordeaux at 136 Quai des Chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux in France. 346 illustrated batches, representing the advertising stamp of that time, awaiting their buyers.

Auctions of enamelled plates in Bordeaux

The 346 illustrated lots offer a nice variety of retro advertisements. In this collection, for example, we find the enamelled plates of the Malt Kneipp brand superbly illustrated by Georges Beuville nicknamed La Palette and who was one of the renowned illustrators of his generation. Enthusiasts will also love the Chocolat Menier plate on a yellow and blue background, representing a young girl and her basket. The drawing is signed Firmin Bouisset: little anecdote on the Menier plaque, the girl, emblematic of the house, is none other than Bouisset's daughter, Yvonne. Also in chocolate, collectors will appreciate the enamel plate of the house Delespaul Halvez which represents children at the table and the word “chocolate” dripping with gluttony. This plaque comes straight out of the factory of the Alsatian Emaillerie which was the largest producer of enamelled advertising products during the first half of the 20th century.

Auctions of Enamelled Plates in Bordeaux: find vintage beverage advertisements

Appetizers, wine and digestives have long used enamel supports for their advertising. Among the illustrated lots are original copies sold as they are. Among these vintage plates, collectors will be able to choose from several Moko rum, available in cardboard triptych or enamelled plates fashioned by the Alsatian Emaillerie in Strasbourg. Moko rum racks are decorated with the design of its legendary bottle in the colors of Jamaica and Martinique and the words "on sale here" or "the best rums". In the same spirit, the advertising plate of the brand of St. James, stamped and screen-printed sheet. The piece shows the drawing of a bottle of St. James and the background, in an elegant medallion, the Martinique landscape of St. Mary's distillery where this agricultural rum is produced. Screen printing is the work of the printer Andreis and Cie Marseille. Other finds for a lucky collector: an old martini aperitif in repulsed painted sheet metal; a Picon plate illustrated by the Spanish poster artist Gaspar Camps, which combines his favorite subject, the Spanish woman; Spalthaller triangular plate depicting the drawing of a glass on the globe. Several other brands are present in this illustrated collection: the Grand Marnier, the Cayman Rum, the San Jose rum of Martinique, the old Luceta rum, the Toni-Kola wine, the Rum Matouba to name but a few.

Soap Cadum enamelled plate Pepsi-Cola enamelled plate The cow who laughs enamelled plate

Auctions of enameled plates in Bordeaux: the old advertising thermometers

The thermometers were the flagship products of the enamelled sheet metal support. Several brands have adopted this personalized plate holder, incorporating a thermometer. The prices of old advertising materials at the auction of a plethora of personalized thermometers: the enamelled plate with thermometer the merits of a sunscreen from Bayer Delial, decorated with a pretty smile of a pinnacle of the 50s or Nivea's very summery plate with A beautiful young woman in a beach, wearing a balloon. Fans of rare pieces will also love the Evian plate with a thermometer embedded in a bottle or the plate The Cow Who Laughs, decorated with the famous drawing of the laughing cow of illustrator (according to) Benjamin Rabier. Soap thermometer. You can see on the face of the chubby toddler, the face of the range since the very first baby Cadum in 1925. Chartreuse, Picon and its glass thermometer, Pepsi-Cola with the logotype capsule prominently on the support.

Auctions of advertising objects in Bordeaux: vintage goodies

In this day and age, they are called goodies. It is these small advertising objects that are distributed to customers, employees, customers of a company. Far from being an innovation of the 21st century, goodies were present in other forms. In these illustrated batches, cardholders and tokens, a customary fan swords in the effigy of the brands, some of which are inspired by the size of the bottle. Note also sheet plates with illustrations, ashtrays, spouts and ceramic pitchers, glasses, mugs. Cointreau, Pernod, Lillet, Suze, Moko, Holy Spirit, Benedictine, The Mandarin, Rum Negrita, Dubonnet: all brands present in this collection of old advertising objects.

Auctions of advertising objects in Bordeaux: a few small curiosities

At 136 Quai des Chartrons, 33300 Bordeaux, several pieces await lovers of ancient and original objects. First of all the subjects in lithographed and cut sheet metal like Berger's pin-up in a cheerleader's outfit and presenting a bottle, or else, always for the same brand, the pin-up beauty queens designed by the painter and poster illustrator Raymond Driver. Among the ancient objects auctioned: absinthe fountains, plaster bottle holders in various forms such as an orange, a zebra, plaster lollipop holders representing Pierrot, resin subjects like the man who walks at great speed imagined by the designer Tom Browne for the Johnnie Walker brand or distributors of peanuts, sweets and chewing gum from the 1940s.

Collectors of enamelled and advertising platters: this is your appointment!

Lovers of rare and ancient objects related to advertising media, this appointment is yours. The batches are sold in their current state: will be able to examine and appreciate these pieces before the auction. All the information here.