The Eames Lounge Chair: a flagship piece of design

Because it revolutionized the history of furniture, the armchair by Charles and Ray Eames is still an icon of design. With its footrest, it is part of this furniture that we regularly meet in chic and trendy interiors and we never tire of it.

The "Eames Long Chaire & Ottoman" is also presented in many museums around the world. Back to this emblematic armchair of the design of the 50s, a piece of furniture still in production and of which you can find authentic and certified versions in our sales.


At the origin of this armchair is a couple of American designers, Charles and Ray Eames. From their marriage in 41, the two young people worked hand in hand, motivated by the same inspiration: that of making comfortable pieces of furniture accessible to as many people as possible.


From 1949, they explore the possibilities offered by new materials and new techniques of manufacture. From their research is born a chair on which we are still many to sit today: "Eames Plastic Chair". Originally, it consists of a shell molded fiberglass. Solid and aesthetic, reproducible in mass, it is on sale from 1950 by an American furniture manufacturer: Herman Miller.

Chairs and armchairs by Charles and Ray Eames perfectly reflect their vision of design. Comfortable, aesthetic and functional: that's what they manage to combine in creations for industrial production.

The couple has had a lasting impact on the history of design. The Eames are still a reference and their works are represented in multiple museums. Their pieces of furniture are still published, by Herman Miller in the United States and by Vitra in Europe and the Middle East.



History of an iconic armchair

His official name is "Eames Lounge (670)" and "Ottoman (671)". This chair associated with a footrest was marketed in 1956 by Herman Miller, in the United States. This is the first creation imagined by Charles and Ray Eames that the couple intends to produce on a large scale. This is one of the reasons why the expression "industrial design" is used to characterize the furniture of this period.

The seat is inspired by French and English club armchairs, which appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. This furniture is distinguished by its large size and comfortable leather seat, as well as armrests relatively enveloping. "Eames Long Chair" revisits this European concept, combining the comfort of the Club chair with new materials and modern manufacturing techniques.

The success of the Eames chair is immediate, powered in particular by a passage of the couple and his furniture on the NBC. Crossing the decades, it is always timeless.

Brief technical description

The armchair designed by Charles and Ray Eames, like his footrest, are both made of a molded shell of plywood rosewood. This solid and innovative structure is furnished with feather cushions and leather, elegant and comfortable. The seat is tilted, so as to relieve back and spine. There is no mechanism to adjust this inclination. The footrest adds comfort. Each piece is supported by a chromed base, 5 branches for the armchair, 4 for the Ottoman.

A piece of furniture still and always edited

Herman Miller still produces Eames armchairs. In Europe, Vitra has been licensed since 1984 and has the right to make copies of the famous furniture. In the 60-70 years, other professionals sold Eames armchairs, including French distributor Mobilier International and Italian ICF.

Namely that the most recent models have larger dimensions than the original, so as to adapt to current morphologies. They are also available in different colors and materials, be it wood, leather, base, etc.

The price of an Eames armchair

Vitra offers new Eames armchairs from 4 500-5 000 € approx. For the armchair and its footrest, also new, prices start around 6 800 €. Most often, older versions are available at more affordable prices, from 10 to 50% cheaper, depending on the state of conservation of the furniture, its materials and the date of edition of the model.

Like all the pieces that have marked the history of design, the Eames chair is often imitated and counterfeited. On our website, professionals certify each piece that is offered for sale, so that you are guaranteed to buy authentic furniture.

By searching your furniture on our site, you will have the chance to find the famous "Eames Lounge Chair" with its matching ottoman at a negotiable price. This collector's item, highly essential, will easily find its place in your interior. And you will be able to sit comfortably in this mythical design chair.