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Auction record for the first Marvel

November 23 2019


Auction record for the first Marvel

The very first strip cartoon made by the famous American comic book publisher Marvel was auctioned Thursday for 1,26 million dollars, a record for the publishing house behind the characters of Spider-Man, X-Men or Avengers, according to Heritage Auctions auction house.

This is the first episode, released in 1939, from the series "Marvel Comics", published by the publisher Timely Comics, later Marvel.

"This is a historical version of a comic book," said Ed Jaster, vice president of Heritage Auctions.

In the 1960 years, under the direction of screenwriter Stan Lee, Marvel created superheroes who became legends and whose film adaptations have won the favor of box offices around the world.

This copy of the 1 number of "Marvel Comics", which is in very good condition, cost 10 cents in 1939.

It became the most expensive Marvel comic book auction, in front of an 15 "Amazing Fantasy" (first appearance of Spider-Man) sold at 1,1 million dollars in 2011.

The most expensive comic in history remains the first issue of "Action Comics" (1938), sold for 3,2 million dollars in 2014. This is the first appearance of Superman.

This image courtesy of Heritage Auctions shows a copy of Marvel Comics No. 1, the 1939 comic book considered the Big Bang ?? of the Marvel Comics Superhero Universe. The comic book sold for $ 1,260,000 on November, 21, 2019, at a public auction of vintage comic books and comic art held by Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas. -
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