Portrait of an auctioneer: Elsa Gody, the treasure of Chartres

Elsa Gody

A smile in her voice, words always used with accuracy, we would like to spend the day with Elsa Gody-Baubau, describing her work and the admiration she brings to the end of the 19ème, the Napoleon III period. As much for the decorative arts as painting, she describes her favorite period as " lquintessence, a time of incredible abundance ". Impressed by the works ofHonoré Daumier or Felicien Rops it evokes with stars in the eyes, Master Gody explains that it is " almost his daily life »To find objects from this period in the inventories and successions that his activity as auctioneer for the study of Chartres gives him to see.

After a bac + 5 research in right private in Bordeaux, Elsa Gody does not find, as she says herself " his cup of tea Among the law courses offered to him. After an internship in Bergerac where she is from, at Maître Biraben's, she does " just to see That she finally decides to pursue studies in the history of art.

It's up to Sorbonne then at the school of Louvre that she does her apprenticeship, and then begins as intern at Artcurial. "On weekends, I had the gallery of contemporary art that the auction house of the Champs Elysées roundabout still had at the time", can devote the days of the week to his studies. Elsa Gody then makes her internship, after getting the auctioneer entrance contest, at Master's Frederic Laurent of Rummel , where she spent 6 years valuing and selling objects from the region. . Today, she occupies the position of authorized auctioneer and is in charge, in pairs, of classic and current sales in Chartres.

A treasure, not only on TV

Very cheerful, she tells us how she recently put on a treasure found during an inventory. Opening the closet in a room, the auctioneer saw a silver luster at the top, on a shelf. It was a beautiful Chinese jewelry box from the early 20th century whose owners did not know about it! The survivor sold to the study of Saint Germain in 7550 laye (including fees) during the sale of 19 last March.

"Since the show, people come as sellers and leave as buyers"

The participation ofElsa Gody à the issue « A treasure in your house Is a very positive experience for the young woman. She of course brought him notoriety, but also other positive points from which she still reaps the fruits today. Among the changes, she evokes the pedagogy what did the program broadcast on M6 who " was used to educate people, especially about prices. That is, sellers accept better than some things have a high sentimental value but lower pecuniary value. They gradually understand that it will be more on objects that will reach certain prices for sale than on furniture. They also understood the role of auctioneer and his expert eye, to whomThey can entrust lots for sale instead of presenting them on well known websites. " This has open auction rooms to a new audience and allowed to change the stilted and elitist image auction rooms.

« The treasure brought a virtue democratizingWho popularizedin the good sense of the word, auction in oopening the auction room to as many people as possible, but without lowering the quality of sales. There are more and more people who come as sellers and leave as buyers».

"A woman auctioneer is not an image of Épinal"

During the casting, the choice of the production of the issue focused on Elsa Gody. Indeed, in addition to his talents of auctioneer, to freshness and his dynamism, the young woman was able to bring a touch Women in the image of the profession.

Personally, for our auctioneerit also allowed him to establish some legitimacy. Indeed, she explains that the fdemining of the profession is still criticized " an auctioneer's wife is not an image of Épinal ". But the show granted Master Gody save time in this quest for recognition as an auctioneer woman, bringing him a maturity and authority in the eyes of customers: " no one doubts my expertise She tells us. It is very regularly that those who attend the auction room ask him about "A treasure in your house": " but when does it resume? »

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updated January 21, 2020