Maître Jérôme Duvillard, portrait of the commissioner of 36 Quai des Enchères

With nearly 120 sales per year, Maître Jérôme Duvillard, auctioneer at the Macon-based firm Le Quai des Auctions, leads a pace that he describes as " very strong ". Passionate about the world of auctions, he graduated in 1997, and has worked in Mâcon for 6 years, both as a judicial auctioneer, and for voluntary sales.



The Mâcon auction room: a regional treasure chest


The prestigious auctions, entitled “Les Trésors du Quai”, attract a good number of bidders, both from the region and from abroad. French, English, Austrians and Poles compete for the market. The study surfs on the wine-growing proximity of Burgundy to organize specialized sales. Lovers of beautiful bottles are there. The Quai des Enchères is also known for its sales of paintings from all eras, during which a local audience and faithful are present. Contiguous to this market which is maintained and evolves on the rise, Maître Duvillard also organizes charity sales, “auctions of the heart”.



Communication on the web and social networks as a showcase for the auction house



The study communicates with its future buyers via press publications in local newspapers. Open to the means of web communication, the Mâcon auction house publishes the lots for sale on the Interenchères site. She also very regularly uses the live of this platform to share with bidders, wherever they are, her dynamism and her passion for auctions.


But it is also through social networks that Jérôme Duvillard expresses himself. The study has a tweeter @ quaidesenchères account. The auctioneer himself tweets presenting some lots that will go on sale, but especially the auction results. These latest posts garnering a lot of reactions from followers, who don't hesitate to retweet and like these great results.

Maître Duvillard told us that he had received several calls from vendors owning a work by Buffet, following the exceptional auction of a painting "The Clown" by the same artist under his hammer. On Facebook, the auctioneer's personal account has gradually transformed into a professional study page, but remains a relay for Tweeter publications. Maître Duvillard recognizes that there is " a land to take ". But mainly due to lack of time, the posts are not as regular as he would like. Between gathering the lots, highlighting them, organizing sales, " It's always the race! ».


This start-up stammering on social networks, in the eyes of Maître Duvillard, can also be explained by another reason: a generation gap. Indeed, the most active people on social networks are not yet the current clients of the study: they are not old enough to inherit and invest. There is a gap between the most fortunate bidders with the most dynamic people on social networks.


However, there are more and more followers on the study's Twitter and Facebook accounts. Another facet of Facebook is also used by the study. Indeed, some people contact the auctioneer via the messaging of this social network to offer him lots for sale. Social networks, in the sense of Maître Duvillard, provide global visibility for the study and act as a showcase for the auction room.



Portrait of a vigilante from the image of the auctioneer


We cannot draw a complete portrait of our auctioneer without mentioning one of his major investigations. Maître Duvillard attaches great importance to communication, in the service of one of his concerns: to restore the true image of the auctioneer, too often distorted from reality.

Indeed, many have a vision of vente aux enchères either as inaccessible, because composed just of objects of Luxury. Or, on the other hand, the image of the judicial seizure, marked, in the eyes of the novices, of a tragic character, without ever imagining the existence of current sales which are addressed to all.

« 90% of French people have never set foot in an auction house. You have to take them by the hand to initiate them, because they think that auction houses are only in Paris. They believe, wrongly, that auctions are only for insiders and that you need privileges to access them! »Exclaims the auctioneer.



Current sales: the attic of France


The scene of the crime: current sales. Like many studies, Maître Duvillard regularly organizes them, called "Les Greniers du Quai". They sell objects and furniture at low prices, from individuals or inventories - the auctioneer makes up to 20 per week. The study estimates that 98% of the sales volume corresponds to Greniers du Quai. "  There is a general lack of communication about current sales, people should really be re-educated about it ". In fact, few people, apart from the regulars, dare to venture to the Mâcon auctions. " People go to barter, Emmaüs, but do not know how current sales work, yet it is everyone's daily life. ". Maître Duvillard even notes that the principle of auctions does not go hand in hand with mass consumption. Indeed, the sale of lots at a specific time and date is not really compatible with a desire to buy immediately. However, our auctioneer takes the example of a student who can hope to furnish his home entirely (furniture, decoration, dishes,…) for less than 500 euros. An unbeatable price!




Auction room and trading room, the auctioneer is the auction trader!



Many visitors ignore this profession for another reason. " Communication of provincial studies is not very good »Clarifies Jérôme Duvillard. Indeed, before, the market for antique objects was good. There was a real " existing, local and proximity market », So no need for advertising. Today, explains the financier who is also Maître Duvillard, “he flows, offers, demands and currents are chaotic, so there is no longer a market. Everything sells for the same price, there is not a real correlation between quality, rarity, and everything that can differentiate one lot from another. Consequently, the market today is made with the network of people that we know, more in search of a human face, a reference person and in whom they trust. ”Thus, the Macon firm makes a point of offering a complete service.

« We know what we are selling, we assess, we reimburse if necessary! »




An alarming observation on the part of Maître Duvillard, who therefore calls on the most modern means of communication to explain to everyone the exciting game of auctions. Our auctioneer leads this investigation with fervor, to explain again and again the job of auctioneer. An activity that really resonates with everyone's daily life, and where sellers as well as buyers can find their account.


Jérôme Duvillard was one of the protagonists of the show Affaire Conclue on the fact France 2. He leaves the program at the start of the 2020 school year to devote himself solely to his study.