Superheroes and their creators unite for the 3rd Inktoberfest

Les superhéros et leurs créateurs s’unissent pour la troisième Inktoberfest : La vente aux enchères annuelle de bandes dessinées du Ed Asner Family Center

The annual “Heritage Auctions” charity event, which features unique works of some of the industry's best-known talents, benefits people with special needs

DALLAS, Texas (October 15, 2020) - In the spring, there was no choice: The Ed Asner Family Center had to close its doors as a result of the global pandemic that shocked everyone. Matt Asner, son of the centre's namesake and its president and CEO, turned to his wife and the centre's executive director and co-founder, Navah Paskowitz-Asner, and asked, “What are we going to do now ?

Depuis sa fondation en 2018, le centre a apporté son soutien à des milliers de personnes ayant des besoins particuliers, allant des services de thérapie et de conseil à l’enseignement professionnel en passant par les cours d’art et de cuisine. Plus que tout, le centre basé à Los Angeles a fourni une communauté pour les familles touchées par l’autisme et d’autres besoins spéciaux, et Covid-19 a soudainement rendu cet espace de rassemblement hors limites.

In no time, the center has pivoted, like so many others, to the online world. But the transition has not been easy or inexpensive. Which means that Heritage Auctions third annual Inktoberfest n’est qu’une troisième édition : La vente aux enchères annuelle de bandes dessinées du Ed Asner Family Center est d’autant plus impérative.

L’événement, l’une des principales collectes de fonds annuelles du centre, est désormais ouvert aux enchères et se déroule en direct sur le 28 octobre. Et une fois de plus, il met en vedette des œuvres originales de certains des meilleurs et des plus célèbres noms de l’industrie de la bande dessinée. Certaines pièces ont été spécialement commandées pour cet événement ; il y a également des variantes de couvertures très recherchées, des pièces clés de livres connus et des pièces inédites qui font leur toute première apparition aux enchères.

“The people we serve are people who are in desperate need of something to do and who hope they can hang on,” says Navah.

“I think that's an incredibly important thing,” adds Matt. “And this year's auction is the biggest we have done for sure. We thought this year would be incredibly difficult with the pandemic. But the number of people who participated and sent us items was beyond us ”.

“Comics influenced us in our childhood and into adulthood,” said Ed Asner, beloved by generations raised on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant and the Pixar Up movie. “It happened with me, and it happened with Matt. And now the comic strip is a wonderful contribution to this very special cause ”.

Over 55 comic book creators donated fresh works to this auction, including Neal Adams, Mike Mignola, John Cassaday, Jim Lee, Dan Jurgens, Jill Thompson, Tim Sale, Eduardo Risso, Aaron Kuder, Arthur Adams, Phil Hester, Bill Sienkiewicz and Kevin Nowlan.

“This is the third year that Heritage has partnered with Asners for this charity event and as always it is a pleasure and a privilege for us to help them raise funds for a program that is appreciated and loved. by so many people in the comic book community, ”said Jim Halperin, co-chair of Heritage Auctions.

Mignola offers one of the highlights of the event: the unseen cover of the monumental volume 4 of the 2018 Hellboy Omnibus: Hellboy in Hell featuring Satan himself. This massive Dark Horse Comics tome collected the character's adventures from 1994 to 1997 and is a must-see among fans of the character from Mignola, who made a round trip to Hell - and Hollywood.

Adam Hughes, one of DC Comics' most popular cover illustrators (and occasional artist on Hellboy titles), helped make an original Captain America for this auction. And Neal Adams, whose work on Batman titles over the past 50 years has marked generations of readers and creators, offers an original illustration of Dark Knight in this sale. Batman: The Long Halloween's Tim Sale also brings a very special take on the Caped Crusader, above Gotham City.

Sienkiewicz, who helped the Asners organize this and previous sale, brought several to this event - among them, a play featuring mutant Sydney Barrett, played by Legion of FX actress Rachel Keller. The circle has come full circle for Sienkiewicz, since the acclaimed television series

Nowlan, who also helped bring artists together for this charity auction, brings one of his most famous works in recent memory: the cover variant of Venom No. 6. This is the cover coveted created for the Memphis Comic Expo featuring Knull, the God of Symbiotes. Aaron Kuder offers another striking cover variant: the Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality No. 1 featuring Spider-Man and Deathlok posed in a knowing nod to Erik Larsen's Spider-Man No. 21 from 1990. .

From Jim Lee's original cover to The Intimates No. 1 cover for DC / Wildstorm in 2005, to Jill Thompson's original Beast of Burden cover in 2014, there's something for everyone. And to think that when Matt started to prepare the