Jazzu, militant painter and a little crazy!

Jazzu painter

The painting will be for this artist a necessity or even a primitive need! No premeditation in his works, his art is crude and his brushstroke is visceral and spontaneous.

His work: A strong and meaningful act through an alchemy of colors and a sensual or epidermal texture.

Biography of Jazzu

Jazzu was born in 1983 in Toulouse. After having worked for many years as a social worker, painting seemed obvious to him when he discovered the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The latter was introduced very early to painting with a style that was both very urban and unusual and for which he mixed African culture, voodoo and jazz using very diverse media.

Inspired by the many encounters he has made during his life, Yann Jazzu's painting is both crude and cathartic. This self-taught artist with a somewhat tormented mind uses art to express his emotions, anxieties and anger. It instills reflection and questioning about the things around us.

He diversifies his technique by using writing and collage in his own way. Little by little, he made himself known and exhibited in many galleries including Paris, Deauville, Toulouse and even Barcelona in the company of other artists well known in the field. Jazzu brings life to walls and canvases, highlighting the growing injustices and individualism of our society. His authenticity, simplicity and great modesty will make him an artist in his own right.

His often colorful and abstract work, Pop Art, reflects the author's sense of contemporary political and cultural news and highlights the complexity of the world around us. The artist is happy to practice his art with his brushes, colors, many materials and aerosols in all its simplicity and this is probably what appeals to buyers.

His work is exhibited in various galleries such as "La Bohème" in Deauville, at "Urban Gallery" and "Seven Seventy Gallery" in Paris or at "Mandy Art" in Toulouse. The purchase of his paintings is fully feasible from anywhere in the world and prices vary between 250 and 2500 € for the majority.

Hoping that this rather brief biography (let's admit it) giving only a small glimpse of the course and the talent of Jazzu will have given you the desire to discover more about its universe quite unique and authentic.