Original gift idea: what if you came to hunt for your gifts?

Chew your Christmas gifts, a real solution to stand out when opening packages under the tree.

At Christmas or for any other occasion, we often want to offer an original gift, a present that we will not find anywhere else. Because it leaves the beaten track, this personalized gift watch how hard you went to find it.

But it is not always easy to take out the originality card, especially at Christmas when you are looking for dozens of original gift ideas. With the sales that we offer on our specialized site, you will be able to find exceptional, rare and precious objects.

As on a flea market, you hunt for the right idea, original and surprising, which will delight the person who will have the chance to receive your gift.

Old objects certified by professionals: only advantages

On our site, you will find a multitude of articles, works of art, ancient objects and antiques certified by professionals. But the main advantage of finding your gifts is that you really enjoy looking for a present that will please the one to whom you intend to offer it.

In addition to having looked for it through the various sales of the moment, you offer a unique gift. This object, you will have all the difficulties to find it elsewhere. Here, there is no question of turning to convenience and standard gifts as they are offered by large retailers and other shops as numerous as they are impersonal.

Discover only rare objects, exceptional antiques, original pieces…

We give you some gift ideas for your next moments of sharing.

Furniture and decorative items that are out of the ordinary

Rather than buying a reissue of a mythical piece of furniture or a pale imitation of a design reference, you can find a copy in one of our lots offered for sale. The big names in design and their emblematic creations are often available.

The opportunity to offer an authentic and original piece of furniture, far from the Scandinavian standards of the moment. Decorative objects are also adorned with this unique aura that surrounds modern design: lamps, mirrors, vases, candlesticks ...

Other eras are represented. You will be able to hunt for furniture in the Louis XV, Directoire, Napoleon III style ... If you want to offer a leap in history, you will find original gift ideas in our online sales of antique furniture and antiques. The delivery conditions adapt to your needs.

Toys with a story for original gifts

Antique toys are a great classic in flea markets and other antique shops. Collectors never tire of (re) discovering toy soldiers, teddy bears, dolls and other locomotives of yesteryear. And amateurs are also always charmed by these toys from another time. They can obviously be offered to a child at Christmas; they will be able to compete with the noisy plastic items that are usually found under the tree.

Toys found in our specialized sales will also delight adults who have kept their child's soul.

A rare and precious object for a brilliant gift idea

Thanks to our site, give yourself the opportunity to find rare and precious objects at the best price. Paintings, sculptures, engravings, lithographs…: let yourself be tempted by works