How much does a lithography cost?

15 July 2019


How much does a lithography cost?

How much does a lithography cost?
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What is an original lithography?

Lithography is a printing technique, generally obtained by inking on limestone and flat printing, which makes it possible to create an original work in several copies and in a limited edition. A true work of art, lithography is part of the processes of graphic arts.

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Many great artists have used this flexible technique to let their imagination run free. The artist will be able to draw with a grease pencil on the stone as well as on the paper. The litho does not present any technical difficulty as such.

An original lithography is usually signed and numbered. A lithograph may also have one of the following inscriptions:

BAT: ready to print (annotation of the artist himself when he is satisfied with the work)

EA: artist proof

HC: non-commercial

Artist’s proofs are the property of the artist who can sell them on a personal basis. Some artists enhance the colours of the EAs, which gives them rarity and added value, and these original works become unique.

Non-commercial products are offered to publishing employees, in particular to the printer.

There are very few lithographer workshops left in France today, but the process remains popular with some contemporary artists, connoisseurs and collectors.

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How much does an original lithograph cost?

The price or estimate of an original lithograph depends first of all on the artist, his coast, the period or date of the work but also on the presence of the artist’s signature, the number of copies distributed (and therefore its rarity) and of course the state of conservation.

The presence of an authentic signature is not a guarantee of an original work! As evidenced by the adventures of the blank sheets signed by Dali but considered as forgeries.

The famous Maeght Gallery, which has always published the original lithographs of Picasso, Miro, Chagall, Chagall, Léger and Matisse, prints the lithographs of its artists in very small quantities and in limited edition.

Original lithographs can be found from a few dozen euros to several hundred euros for sought-after artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Mucha, Foujita, Soulages, Jasper Johns, Alechinsky, Buffet, Sam Francis, Warhol, Nikki de Saint-Phalle, Picasso.

Original lithographs can easily be found in auctions at all prices and in specialized galleries, lithographs are very present on the art market.

Lithography: AuctionLab’s advice

Lithographs are handled and transported with care, as all works of art on paper such as etchings, watercolours, engravings, silkscreens, Japanese prints, lithographs are fragile.

The main enemy of works of art on paper is the human being!

Works on paper are often lost, accidentally destroyed, forgotten, torn apart. They can also be subjected to severe stress from light, insects, fungi and air pollution.

The works of art are fragile and deserve your full attention for a better possible conservation.



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