Heritage Auctions, $ 824,7 million in sales in 2019

DALLAS, Texas (February 5, 2020) â € “Heritage Auctions, HA.com, announced that its total annual sales for 2019 have exceeded $ 824,7 million, thanks to good returns. Results and several leading sales that have set world records.

Heritage recorded total sales of $ 824 for calendar year 761, including $ 706 in auction sales and $ 2019 in private sales. Total online sales reached a record $ 559, or 931% of all sales, the dollar volume and the highest percentage of sales of any home. vente aux enchères of the world.

â € œWe set several world records last year and our overseas offices continue to grow at a rapid pace, which has kept our sales steady against a difficult economic backdrop, said Jim Halperin, co-founder of Heritage Auctions. â € œThese results and our long-term investments in the company have enabled us to position ourselves for a strong 2020 yearâ €.

The company's main category, rare American coins, generated $ 181,3 million in auction sales, giving heritage auctions 55% of world market for rare american coins. Heritage sold the most precious American rare coin on the market in 2019: the 1885 dollar, the finest known in trade, classified NGC PR66, which achieved a record of 3 960 dollars. Other records include three other seven-digit coins, as well as the April sale of a 000 Kennedy half dollar, which sold for a world record of $ 1964, making it the most expensive part of its kind.

World & Ancient Coins' s highly publicized sales exceeded $ 59 million. Continued investment in the category has recently made it possible to offer customers a new online feature that displays high-quality photographs of old and global coins taken by companies from independent classification, when they are available for Internet auction lots.

Auction sales by the company's comics department reached a record $ 79, with sales rates above 332%, both in value and in value. number of lots. This total is the highest ever reached in the department's 770 years of existence, and represents a jump of more than 99% compared to the previous record of $ 18. established in 35.

The most notable world record to come from the department was the sale of $ 5,4 million to the Egyptian Queen, 1969, the masterpiece of Frank Frazetta, who © now holds the world record as the most expensive piece of original art by strip cartoon never sold at auction.

Sales of collectibles and sports memorabilia exceeded $ 70 million on more than 23 lots. Among the world records, we can quote the most expensive baseball jersey of the post-war period, after the auction sale of 000 dollars of the New York Yankees jersey worn by Lou Gehrig in 2. A record price for a Heisman trophy was established in October when the Ricky Williams trophy auction closed for $ 580.

The number of private collections that Heritage put on the market in 2019 largely contributed to the sale of this trophy. Among them, the Neil Armstrong Collectionâ „¢ family recorded by far the most expensive Robbins gold medal in the world ever offered at auction. Armstrong's personal medal, transported by module, was sold in July to a private collector for $ 2.

Sales of artwork jumped $ 10 million to $ 60,4 million, a 20% increase from 2018. Notable sales include Blueberry Custard, 1961, by Wayne Thiebaud, who set a home record for his most expensive modern and contemporary work of art, at $ 3.

Heritage continues to grow, reaching last year the 1,25 million registered online bidders who use HA.com, Heritage's online platform, to buy and sell collectibles in its more than 40 collection categories.

Heritage Auctions is the largest auction house of art and collectibles founded in the United States, and the largest auctioneer in the United States. collectibles in the world. Heritage has offices in New York, Dallas, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, Palm Beach, London, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

In illustration: Wayne Thiebaud (born in 1920). Bilberry cream, 1961. Oil on canvas. 18 x 24 inches (45,7 x 61,0 cm). Signed and dated

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