Drouot Paris: auctions at 3 million for the dinosaur

An extremely rare allosaur skeleton, one of the oldest dinosaurs, called the “grandfather” of the dreaded T-Rex, was auctioned on Tuesday for a little over 3 million euros (including costs), or double of what was estimated at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris with the auction house Binoche and Giquello

The sale to an anonymous bidder of this 150 million-year-old (Upper Jurassic) allosaur, ten meters long and 3,5 meters high, comes at a time when dinosaur skeletons are reaching record amounts.

Listing of the auction house:

Over 150 million years old, the allosaur skeleton featured in this sale was discovered in 2016 in Wyoming, United States. Its spectacular dimensions - H. 3,50 m; W. 2,25 m; l. 10 m - make him one of the longest specimens of his species known to date. In fact, adult allosaurs were on average 8,5 meters long. Only one other allosaur skeleton compares to ours: the one in the American Museum of Natural History in New York, which is 9,7 meters long.
Our bipedal, carnivorous and ferocious dinosaur had a taste for combat. Traces of injuries were discovered on several ribs during the restoration of the bones. Further scientific examinations, by X-rays, then made it possible to formulate the hypothesis of a titanic fight scene between our allosaur and its rival.
The allosaurus is undeniably the star of this sale! A series of sharp teeth, discovered in position in the jawbone of another specimen, will also be auctioned. Also discovered in Wyoming, this fragment of skeleton, characteristic of the animal, is estimated between 60 and 000 €.