How to clean and maintain your Hermès Kelly bag?

The little story of the "Kelly bag"

The iconic Kelly bag owes its fame to a pretty anecdote. In 1956, when Grace Kelly left the airport, she tried with her bag to hide from the paparazzi her rounded belly. At this moment, the rumors about her first pregnancy are verified and the famous bag is propelled to the rank of star.

Created by Hermès in 1935, this bag is inspired by the “Haut à courroies” model invented for riders who stored saddles and boots. The customers who order it in store claim it under the name of "Kelly bag". Hermès then decided to rename it in 1977.

A Kelly bag for all tastes

The Kelly first existed in five colors: brown, black, red, green and blue. Currently, the model is available in more than fifty colors. Pink and gray have become bestsellers. The best-selling sizes are: 25, 28, 32, 35 and 40 cm.

Kelly bags are made of noble materials that require good maintenance : leather or crocodile for the most part.

With its trapezoid shape, its small padlock, its leather lining and its studs fixed on the bottom, it takes about twenty hours of work for a craftsman to realize this model. So many criteria that should encourage you to maintain it with love.

How to recognize a real Kelly Hermès bag?

It is important to ensure the authentication of a Kelly bag before you buy it. Hermès does not issue an authentication certificate, so it is essential to know how to spot the fake of the real with these few easy to detect inscriptions:

The brand logo is on the clasp, on the golden part of one of the closing tabs and also on the padlock delivered with its set of keys.

An engraved letter corresponding to the year of manufacture of the bag must be printed by the craftsman on the leather of the tongue.

Inside, the zipped pocket is marked with an H and the name "Hermès" is engraved on the zipper.

Our tips for maintaining your Kelly Hermès bag

A Kelly bag is a must for luxury, and a must must be taken care of. For this, there are several tips to keep your bag in good condition and clean it without risk.

Do not rub the leather which is fragile and clean it with a cotton pad and cleansing milk.

Use stain remover very cautiously and always test on a hidden part to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Avoid moisture and heat at all costs and wipe the bag quickly in case of contact with water and leave it away from any heat source.

Avoid deformation of your Kelly bag by not cluttering it with unnecessary things and put it in its cover once cleaned and filled with tissue paper.