What is the best way to store wine?

keep your wine

You have decided to acquire a sample of bottles comparable to all French countries, to form a balanced cellar between Bordeaux, Burgundy, Côtes du Rhône and the Loire Valley. Or conversely you have oriented your cellar to other grape varieties, such as wines from Alsace, Languedoc and the Mediterranean basin.

Now that these bottles are in your possession, we will give you the best advice to properly store your wine and store your bottles. Also, to start, we must pay special attention to provide storage space for bottles to age, usually a cellar.

At what temperature should I keep the wine in my cellar?

The tips for preserving wine, as for champagne or spirits, depend on some important parameters. A good cellar must be maintained at an ideal temperature, according to specialists, between 12 and 15 ° C. In wine racks, bottles optimize their shelf life. The rules are simple: a higher temperature can accelerate the ripening of the wine in their glass bottle and prevent it from reaching its peak. As for a lower storage temperature, it can slow it down.

To keep your wine in the best conditions, we must also avoid abrupt changes in room temperature, from floor to ceiling, which would affect the aging of the wine. Make sure you have a stable temperature in the cellar of your apartment or your home by installing for example a temperature display system.

Moisture is also an important factor for a good shelf life of your bottles in this room. It is necessary a hygrometry rate between 70-75% in a constant way. In fact, a cellar too dry dries the corks, leaving the air in the bottles and this can strongly alter the aromas and cause the oxidation of the wine.

Finally, darkness is essential for ideal storage conditions of wine bottles. Indeed, the light would bring too much heat in the cellar, one of the causes of acceleration of the aging of a glass bottle due to the changes of temperatures. Also, in terms of interior lighting, be sure to install a low-intensity bulb in the cellar. A led bulb will be perfect.

What purchases for optimal storage capacity?

Invest in a cellar book. This will allow you to list all the wines that you have bought, and to calculate their optimal tasting period.

You also need to acquire storage lockers - it is easily found in metal - to store your bottles lying, and do not keep them in their original wooden crate, to let the bottles breathe better.

If you unfortunately do not have a cellar or a large storage capacity in your home, you can also purchase a wine cabinet or buy a wine cellar. Ventilated, refrigerated, it has been designed by professionals with storage conditions to respect the aging of your bottles. For a perfect conservation of wines, it must be fitted with an activated carbon filter to guarantee healthy renewal of the indoor air.

This summer, you can also buy your first connected cellar from home Caveasy: a system of storage and management of your wines. Just take a picture of your bottles via the app and put them on the shelves. You can easily find your bottle with a light, choose the bottle best suited to your meal and monitor storage conditions with a temperature sensor and humidity.