Charlotte Perriand and Les Arcs

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Charlotte Perriand and Les Arcs: a history of comfort and design

Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) is a French architect and designer who became known by collaborating with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, cousin of Corbusier. It is also important for the construction of the first house in the Petite Architecture style, the Abri Bivouac (1936).

Perriand started working with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret in 1924. Together, they designed the B306 chair and the “Gran Confort” club chair with a steel frame. His first creations were made with expensive and technically difficult materials to work with. However, in the 1930s, her focus became more egalitarian and she began to work with wood and cane, more affordable materials.

She then worked for a few years with Jean Prouvé. However, in 1940, after France surrendered in World War II, Perriand traveled to Japan and Vietnam, before returning to Paris, France, in 1946, where she resumed her work as a freelance designer. One of her major works from this period was the Three Arcs which she designed for Les Arcs, in Savoie, France.


Les Arcs, Savoie, France

Les Arcs is one of Perriand's major works. It is a ski resort located in Savoie, France, divided into five areas - Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 1950, and Arc 2000. Perriand was responsible for three of these areas: Arc 1600, Arc 1800 and Arc 2000.

The main design concepts were that the buildings should follow the landscape in such a way that when you are at the top of the mountain the buildings disappear, and visitors who come to a ski resort do not want to stay in a room. hotel. With that in mind, Perriand designed the buildings to reassemble a staircase, using recesses after a certain level, and following the contour lines of the mountain they are built into.


She also focused on creating minimalist spaces, open to the sun and surrounding nature, using glass and bright colors in the interior. The idea was that, as those who stay at the hotel are interested in the nature around the resort, they can see everything around them inside the building and in their rooms.


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Charlotte PERRIAND - CANSADO bench - 1959

6 900,00
Charlotte Perriand CANSADO bench, circa 1959 From the city

Le Corbusier / Charlotte Perriand - Chaise longue LC4

2 590,00
Le Corbusier / charlotte perriand Chaise longue LC4 Grained leather

Charlotte Perriand - Les Arcs 1600 wall lights

1 200,00
Charlotte Perriand Rares Sconces Shutters Large Model Les Arcs 1600 Circa 1970 27

Charlotte Perriand - Stool said Meribel

2 400,00
Charlotte Perriand Stool said meribel Ash / straw Georges blanchon Circa 1948 Height

Charlotte Perriand - Buffet Cansado - 1959

Charlotte Perriand Buffet Cansado Cite minière de cansado Mauritania 1959 Teak / melamine / steel 158