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In October, the art market set the tone. Enter here FIAC, Art Elysees and his section Design Elysee the effervescence is felt even at home Artcurial. It's been four years since the house organized a vente aux enchères Design to answer this cultural bubbling. This year, this one is dedicated to Charlotte Perriand whose birthday, October 24, is also that of the sale Charlotte for ever ».

Born of a father stonemason, she carved the design of the twentieth century with creations that mark a break with the past.

If modernity had a symbol, Charlotte Perriand would embody it: the artist who jostle codes to draw functional and comfortable furniture also as a woman, who works and is needed.

Twenty lots will trace the work and life of that which marked the art of the twentieth century as much as his cousin Le Corbusier.

The first works of Charlotte Perriand at auction

The beginnings of the protected " French masters Are promising. Spotted at 1927 Autumn Salon for his " Bar under the roof In aluminum, she is acclaimed by critics. Charlotte Perriand already illustrates the avant-garde by successfully creating a luxurious atmosphere by borrowing elements normally reserved for the industry.

This tour de force earned him a place in the agency of the famous Le Corbusier, with whom she meets Pierre Jeanneret, Jean Prouvé or Paul Nelson. From these handshakes are born collaborative works.

Artcurial highlights the first years of Charlotte Perriand with this important office "in shape" whose Pierre Jeanneret did his personal desk (estimated 300 000 / 400 000 €).

Charlotte PERRIAND & Pierre JEANNERET Important desk called “en forme” - 1943/44 Structure in solid sculpted pine, drawer unit in aluminum and pine. Estimate 300 € - 000 € © Artcurial

The marriage of the Far East and the West 

<strong>In 2020</strong> : Charlotte Perriand is called by the Japanese government to be Industrial Art Advisor to the Ministry of Trade and Industry. In full time of war, she Asia and the West. Marked by the importance of traditional andeconomy of matter, the artist mixes Asian influences with the comfort and functionalism of the European modernity.

His stay in Asia is reflected in particular through famous chaise longue Tokyo, which appears in the catalog produced in collaboration with the architect Junzõ Sakakura « Choice, tradition, creation in contact with Japanese art Proposed to auction for 10 000 / 15 000 €.

 Charlotte Perriand and Junzô Sakakura, catalog Choice, tradition, creation in contact with Japanese art, 1941, estimate: 10 000 / 15 000 €. © Artcurial

A world tour in the auction room 

Artcurial continues to guide us in the work of the artist who prefers the wood heat from the Alps or extreme eastern countries to the hardness of concrete and steel which prevails in France. It is in the 1950 years that she draws the "free-form" table offered to the bidder the October 24. Is it his passion for the Alps or his return from Asia that has generated this furniture? The balance of the feet seems to come from the other side of the globe but the massiveness of the plateau seems descend from the Alps. A clever mix.

Charlotte Perriand, free form table, 1958 creation, mahogany, Steph Simon editor, estimate 60 000 / 80 000 €. © Artcurial.

If you are asked what is the image that comes to you when you are told Charlotte Perriand You would surely answer " Bookcases ". Like the one presented on auction the 24 october. The latter embodies the political commitment of Charlotte Perriand. Her social conscience actually pushes her to realize furniture for student studios from House of Mexico and that of Brazil from University City of Paris.

Charlotte PERRIAND & LE CORBUSIER table and wall mounted locker called “Maison du Brésil” - 1959. Solid oak, oak veneer and black lacquered hardboard. Estimate € 6 - € 000. © Artcurial


In the spotlight: Charlotte Perriand at home in Tokyo in 1954, © AChP

Charlotte PERRIAND Library known as “Maison du México” - 1952 Lacquered aluminum pedestals, sliding doors in diamond-tipped aluminum, varnished wood shelves. Manufacturing Ateliers Jean Prouvé for pedestals and doors. André Chetaille manufacture for tablets. Estimate: € 80 - € 000. © Artcurial

Auction: the 24 October 2017

Exhibition: From Friday 20 to Monday 23 October 2017

7 roundabout Champs-Elysees 75008 Paris Artcurial